5 ways to Improve Traffic Safety on Your Premises

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When it comes to keeping drivers, pedestrians, and other visitors safe, businesses of all types are challenged with making their properties as safe as possible. Police, local governments, and even insurance companies increasingly demand that companies improve traffic safety. Undoubtedly, the vast majority of drivers and pedestrians are law-abiding citizens. 

However, that does not mean that businesses cannot make improvements to reduce the chances of non-targeted individuals coming into contact with people driving or walking. Improving traffic safety is one of the best ways to keep visitors safe, boost the perception of your business and attract new customers.

Here are five simple ways to improve traffic safety on your premises.

Eliminate obstructions

Make sure that there are no obstructions, like landscaping or awnings, in traffic flow. You want people to be able to see past the obstacle so that they don’t suddenly encounter a situation where they need to make an emergency stop. This will also help ensure that pedestrians can see the traffic coming and avoid standing in the way of vehicles.

Install traffic calming measures

If you have the means and the opportunity, installing calming traffic measures can help keep drivers and pedestrians safe. Studies have shown that people are less likely to speed when they know there is a bump or other traffic calming measure in their way. For example, one study found that drivers would reduce their speed by as much as 50 percent if they knew a speed bump ahead.

Other traffic calming measures include speed limit signs, designating no-entry zones, and other tools which can be directly sourced from a traffic safety equipment supplier. These measures can be used in parking lots or even on streets to slow down traffic.

Install reflective signage 

Installing reflective signage is a simple way to improve traffic safety on your premises. If a pedestrian or driver does not see a pedestrian crossing and crashes into them, the sign will act as a warning and prevent collisions from happening.

Improve lighting

Most people prefer to park their cars near well-lit areas, so your parking lot must have adequate lighting. Some businesses may think that they only need to focus on the entrances and exits of their property, but this isn’t enough. Lighting should also be present in all places where pedestrians walk or where drivers tend to stop.

If you own a business that is open late or has customers coming there at any time of day, improving the amount of light on your premises is one of the best things you can do to improve traffic safety.

This will make it easier for drivers and pedestrians to see, but it will also help improve the general perception people have of your premises. In addition, if visitors feel safer because they can see more clearly, this could increase business as they are less likely to avoid your company.

Install crossing points

Crossing points are designed to encourage motorists to slow down and stop, preventing any accidents that may occur when pedestrians quickly dart from one side of the road to the other. Crossing points can improve traffic safety on your premises by helping pedestrians cross the road in two stages. Crossing points can be installed as a temporary measure if you’re short on budget or a permanent fixture with more permanence for those who do not wish to keep rebuilding them.

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