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6 Tips for Hosting an Epic Summer Barbecue

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Summer is approaching. Soon the sun will be shining, and people will be craving the outdoors. This is the best time to host an epic barbecue in your yard if you love entertaining.

Throwing a barbecue can be pretty straightforward, especially when planned well ahead of time. However, most people tend only to remember menu and drinks planning, forgetting everything else that makes the party fun. But fear not, for we have got you covered with six tips to ensure you have an epic summer barbecue.

Prepare your Guest List

The sunny months are often filled with events, and getting a weekend that suits everyone can be tricky. Thus, it is crucial that you send invites early on to avoid turndowns. Depending on the number of guests, you can either use messages or e-invites to get the word out to your guests.

Also, as a rule of thumb, ensure that you check the size of your space before inviting people. Always ensure that the RSVPs will not cramp up the outdoor area, especially after adding outdoor furniture.

Dust Down your Barbecue Grill or Buy a New One

Many people store their grills for nearly a year, waiting for the next barbecue season. So, cleaning and dusting ahead of the barbecue is always a good idea. However, if you are dealing with stubborn stains, you may have to heat the grill before wiping the marks out.

But if this is your first time grilling and you do not own a barbecue, you can always buy a new one. You can choose between charcoal barbecue grills or weber grills that use liquid propane as they are the most common options in the market. A charcoal barbeque will give your food that nice smoky flavor, but a propane grill will make barbecuing easier since it comes with temperature controls. But if you are more concerned about carbon emissions, you can always select from the wide range of weber grills that use natural gas.

Prepare Everything Beforehand

Do not wait for your guests to arrive for you to start preparing the food. Marinades are best prepared earlier on, so it makes a massive difference if you prepare your marinades a night before the party. While still at it, you can also prepare salads and slaws. This will ease work on the day of the barbecues, ensuring that most of your time is spent enjoying yourself with your guests. Also, ensure that anything that needs to be diced or sliced is prepared before the guests arrive. Lastly, ensure you have enough propane if using a propane grill and more charcoal than you think you will need for your charcoal grill.

Request your Guests to Bring Side Dishes

If you are holding a large barbecue, this tip will come in handy. People love to show off their culinary skills. Thus, asking them to bring a dessert or side dish will not be burdensome. However, avoid asking the guests to carry snacks. Besides, you want to ensure that the snack area is set away from the cooking to reduce congestion. Asking your guests to bring appetizers and snacks will only make this impossible.

Up Your Game with the Food and Drinks

The exhibitionism that comes with an epic barbecue should be saved for when the guests arrive. Some favorites for most people are burgers and sausages. However, you can take this opportunity to spice things up with spiced fish and chicken pieces. Also, do not forget to cater to the vegetarians in the group.

Ensure that you have a wide selection of drinks, including wines, beers, and soft drinks. Also, have the drinks are in the fridge for a few hours before the guests arrive. Then as your guests start to stream in, set a makeshift bar using a bucket with a decant and ice. Also, make sure that you have a bottle opener, corkscrew, and a fine glassware selection nearby.

Spruce Up Your Garden

Even in gardens with generous space, adequate seating space often proves to be a challenge. But you must always ensure that there is enough space to allow socializing. If your neighbors are among your guests, you can always ask them to bring their garden chairs along. Comfortable cushions spread around will also do if asking your neighbors is not an option.

For evening barbecues, it is always good to have decorative garden lights. Having blankets will also keep your guests warm later in the evening. Also, you should anticipate that the barbecue will transition indoors as night falls. Therefore, you must make the indoors as accommodating as possible.


After the party is over, take your grill back inside and clean and store it in readiness for the next barbecue. You can check online for weather-resistant covers if you plan on leaving the grill outdoors.

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