6 Wedding Planning Preparations Every Couple Should Be Doing

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You have always dreamt of the moment your wedding planning journey begins, but how on earth do you know where to start? The truth is, you may want to make some advance preparations before you make any important decisions. This will help you to feel as prepared as possible when it comes to the final choices. Whether you’re thinking about your wedding photography list, or you want to improve your lifestyle so that you can get a wedding day glow, here are six wedding planning preparations every couple should be doing right now.  You have always dreamt of the moment your wedding planning journey begins, but how on earth do you know where to start? Do you begin with the wedding invitations or the wedding dress?

Setting Your Budget

Before you get into the throes of wedding planning, you will need to set a clear budget that you both know you can afford as a couple. This will help you to make all of your future decisions regarding venues, dresses, suits and more as you get further down the line.

Gaining Confidence In Public Speaking

Weddings can be a nerve-wracking time for people who aren’t confident talking in front of other people. Gaining confidence in public speaking is something you may wish to do if you’re making a speech. Some professional negotiation exercises may also be useful when you’re booking your wedding vendors; getting the best possible offer should always be a priority!

Living a Healthier Lifestyle

On your wedding day you want to look and feel your best, so now is the right time to start your healthy regime. Whether you’re heading to the gym more often or eating more fruits and vegetables, there are so many ways to enhance your lifestyle and feel like the best possible version of yourself.

Couples Counseling

Building a solid foundation as a couple and going to counseling together is one of the best ways to kickstart your marriage. Not only will it help you with communication, but it will also allow you to feel more comfortable with each other going forward in your marriage.

Discussing Themes and Colors

There are so many beautiful up and coming wedding themes to get excited about this year. Discussing themes and colors with your soon to be husband or wife is the ideal way to get excited about all of your upcoming wedding plans. Whether you’re opting for a spring soirée or an autumnal wonder, there are so many fabulous ideas to choose from.

Exploring Locations

Choosing the location or venue of where you want to get married is probably one of the biggest decisions you’ll make on your wedding planning journey. This is one of the most exciting parts of the process so make sure you enjoy going to viewings and wedding shows during the lead up to your big day. Soon enough you will find somewhere that feel perfect to you both as a couple.

Hopefully, the ideas above give you a comprehensive idea of what you need to be doing during the initial planning stages of your wedding. There are so many things to look forward to during this process so start making the decision you need right now and enjoy!



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