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8 Best Gifts for Whiskey Lovers in Your Life

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Choosing a gift for your loved ones can be challenging. However, choosing a gift for someone who loves whiskey can be even more difficult. After all, it’s not easy to please those who have refined taste, especially when we want the gift to speak our feelings for us.

But don’t worry! We have compiled a list of the best gifts for whiskey lovers in your life. The list contains ideas for all the whiskey needs imaginable and more! So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of these gifts for whiskey lovers:

Rocking Whiskey Glasses 

Whiskey lovers can never have too many whiskey glasses. Get these beautiful rolling whiskey glasses for the whiskey lover in your life to add to their collection. The cleverly engineered design of these glasses allows them to rock and rotate without spilling the whiskey.

The design of these glasses helps conserve and save whiskey even if the whiskey lover had a little too much on a special occasion. They are sold as a set of two and cost under $30! 

Whiskey Poster Jigsaw Puzzle

All whiskey lovers will love this beautifully illustrated whiskey poster jigsaw puzzle. The five-hundred piece puzzle can be put together as a solo activity with a glass of whiskey or with a group of friends.

It is a great way for whiskey lovers to test their knowledge, as the more they know, the easier it will be for them to put it together! However, those who don’t know much can learn more about their favourite drink from this informational poster.

Once completed, it measures a little over 19 x 13 inches. It can become two gifts for whiskey lovers in one package, as once completed, they can get it framed and put it up in their home bar.

This interactive gift also costs under $30.

Crystal MASQ Kubik Electra Whiskey Glasses

For those looking to splurge on the gifts for whiskey lovers in their life, the Crystal MASQ Kubik Electra whiskey glasses are the perfect option. The glass set contains two exclusively designed glasses by Mats Jonasson as his and her. These glasses are available in the option of clear or black glass. They are handmade and mouth-blown in Sweden by expert glassblowers. 

They cost AUD 308. However, there are no shipping charges. 

Personalized Christmas Advent Calendar Decanter

Like whiskey glasses, no whiskey lover can have too many decanters. This personalized decanter is a great grown-up version of the Christmas advent calendar for whiskey lovers. It can keep them entertained from the first of December till Christmas Eve with just the right amount of whiskey. 

It costs under $50 with free personalization, making this gift and Christmas special!

Pocket Whiskey Diluting Dropper

This pocket whiskey diluting dropper by Angels Share was created by Mairead Hume, making it another of the best gifts for whiskey lovers. Though small in size, it is accurate in function and can be carried anywhere, thanks to its cute, small size. It comes in a genuine Tweed Harris pocket case for easy and safe carrying. 

It costs $85 and can be engraved or gift wrapped for an additional cost.

Whiskey Bath Bombs

You cannot be more creative when choosing gifts for whiskey lovers than getting them whiskey bath bombs. Whiskey lovers will love taking their love of whiskey from drinking to bathing in it. These whiskey flavoured bath bombs are perfect to use after a long, tiring day when drinking whiskey alone is not enough.

Whiskey bath bombs are non-alcoholic, which means they won’t harm the skin. When stored in a clear jar, they can double as bathroom décor with their beautiful amber colour.

They come as a set of ten mini bath bombs and cost under $20.

Whiskey Cooling Stones

Let the whiskey lover in your life enjoy their whiskey on the rocks, literally, with this set of cooling stones. They are ideal for cooling down the whiskey without diluting it. These cooling stones are reusable and non-toxic. They can be used indefinitely by simply washing and cooling after every use. 

This gift costs under $20. Each set contains nine stones and a black velvet pouch for clean, safe, and elegant storage. 

Whiskey Subscription

Can there be a better gift for a whiskey lover than more whiskey? We don’t think so! Get this whiskey subscription from the Whiskey Club to get the whiskey lover in your life to try the finest whiskies from all across the globe.

You can get the whiskey subscription as per your budget, ranging from one month to a six-month subscription, or customized to the amount you can spend comfortably. 

Last but not least, don’t forget to give the whiskey lover in your life the most precious gift of all: your company. Sharing a glass of whiskey can make them appreciate you and your gift to them all the more!


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