Easy Ways To Live A More Sustainable Life

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A sustainable life will save you money and save the planet. It’s a win-win, keep reading to find out more. 

Buy more eco-friendly products 

One of the most straightforward ways you can live a more sustainable life is to put your money where your mouth is and buy eco-friendly products. The good news is that many manufacturers recognize the market for such products so you can find more sustainable options in just about everything from boxed rather than bottled water, to beauty blenders that are made from biodegradable materials that can be composted instead of thrown away and ending up in a landfill. 

Choosing more energy-efficient appliances is another way you can make the world a more sustainable place. This is because they are designed to use less energy and so create less waste and pollution. 

Install solar panels 

While we are on the topic of energy, another way you can live a more sustainable life is to make sure yours comes from a clean and renewable source. There are plenty to choose from too, including geothermal power, and wind power. However, perhaps the most widely accessible type of clean and renewable energy is solar power. After all, most of us live in places that get a fair amount of sunlight for most of the year! 

The great thing about solar energy is that once you have your panels installed (usually on the roof of your home) you can access energy for barely any cost. Some people even find they collect so much power that they can sell it back to the grid and use this money to offset the initial cost of the panels. 

Just make sure that along with your panel purchase you buy some solar panel bird proofing mesh too. Then you can be sure that you can protect your panels and the local wildlife from harm, as many small mammals and birds can be drawn to make a home underneath. 

Eat less meat 

Statistics show that we can live more sustainably by cutting our meat consumption. The reason that this works is that raising animals for meat requires a huge amount of resources such as water, grain, and land, and also produces a large amount of waste, in particular methane gas which contributes to the greenhouse effect. 

However, by choosing plant-based alternatives we can reduce the impact that the meat industry has on the environment, as well as minimize the suffering of other living beings for our gain. 

Repair, reuse, recycle 

Lastly, if a more sustainable life is what you are aiming for, sticking to the repair, reuse, and recycle ethos is essential. What this means is that when you have an item that wears out or breaks down you go through the three steps before you make a new purchase. 

For example, if you have a pair of jeans that get a hole in them, you take the time to mend the hole rather than throw them out. If the hole is so big it can’t be mended, then you try and use the jeans for another project such as shorts, or patches for a cushion. Once you have done this, any scraps you have leftover can either be taken to a fabric recycling point or used in the home as stuffing for chairs and cushions. 



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