How the Adult Industry is Using VR Tech

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The adult industry has always been among the first adopters of technological advancements, including instant cameras, 3-D, 8mm films, HD, instant cameras, VCRs, pay-per-view, and VR technology. VR tech has seen the porn industry develop further, becoming more profitable than ever. This article discusses the adult industry and VR technology.

What is VR Technology?

VR, or virtual reality technology, is a computer-generated environment with objects and scenes that seems to be in real-time, making the user feel like they are lost in their surroundings. A virtual reality helmet or headset is used to perceive this environment. VR in the adult industry lets you immerse yourself in porn videos, making you feel like the scenes are happening before your eyes, tempting you to jump out of your seat or bed and participate in the act.

Why the Adult Industry Is Using VR Tech

Do you like live streaming, recorded, or virtual reality porn videos? Various reasons influenced the porn sector to adopt VR technology. Some include:


Many people love watching porn videos while pleasuring themselves. Doing so increases their sexual pleasure, making them more satisfied. With websites producing VR porn for women, things are more real. You can heighten your self-pleasure experience when you watch others masturbate and play with themselves. Masturbating while watching VR porn can be more fun, as in mutual masturbation, where you orgasm simultaneously with your partner.

Increased Intimacy

While love letters, sexting, phone sex, and video sexing are great for spicing things up between the sheets, VR porn takes things to another level. They can be an excellent way of increasing intimacy between lovers. With professional synchronized adult VR, you and your lover can fantasize about being another person or with another person.

Multiple Sensory Experience

Watching VR porn videos impacts your senses, stimulating them at once and arousing you in your entirety. This multisensory stimulation lets you interact and have imaginary sex with your dream partner while seated on your couch.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Coming Together

With VR porn, it’s relatively easy to orgasm simultaneously with other actors in the videos. Viewing everything in character generation and 360 degrees lets you feel as if you are part of the scene. With this feeling, you can easily orgasm together.

How the Adult Industry Is Using VR Tech

The porn sector is using virtual reality in many ways. Some include:

Producing Videos With Unlimited Opportunities for Users

Do you remember how video quality was with 2-D internet? You could take 1360 instead of 15 to summarize all the information you wanted. But with VR tech, you can increase your user’s awareness and empathy by creating high-quality VR porn that lets them immerse themselves in the virtual world.

Ensuring Customer Loyalty

By improving services, the adult industry ensures its loyalty to its customers. Being among the first adopters of VR technology, the porn sector shows its consumers that they are innovators and would always make sure they improve their services for the better, enhancing the loyalty of its users.


Using VR technology in marketing and advertising is an excellent way of ensuring your porn business grows. According to reports, about 70% of companies using 360 degrees videos for marketing report higher engagement. Advertising with VR videos also ensures that many see your video, hence higher exposure.

How VR Livestream Works

At an estimate of $10.32 billion in 2019, the worldwide VR market has been growing steadily. Similar reports suggest that it will continue to grow by 21.6 from 2020 to 2027. Live streaming is now a norm with the latest technological advancements in VR headsets and VOD developments.

While recorded VR videos are fun, live streaming is more authentic and enjoyable. Many porn websites are now adopting broadcasting live webcam VR porn. You may encounter free or paid VR and 360-degree live streams, depending on your site.

If you own a porn site, incorporating live streams in VR is an excellent idea. Doing so is not something complex. You only need to set up a regular webcam website using a turnkey webcam script. Then consult your streaming solution provider if they support VR live streaming.

For instance, if your streaming solution provider offers VR live streaming, you can upgrade or opt for that package and obtain VR live streaming API for webcam VR porn. Similarly, you can integrate your current webcam site and set modes to stream up to 4K resolution without additional technology in your site.

The adult industry has been changing every other day. With technological advancements like VR, better and preferred content would be created, translating to more money and benefits.  

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