How to not upstage the bride?

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There is no such written rule but it is very important to abide by an unwritten rule of not upstaging the bride. It is because the wedding day is a big day for a bride and she belongs to it. Everyone should respect this and leave her alone to shine like a prominent figure. 

Many close relatives of the bride include her mother or sisters often fear that they might steal the thunder of the bride. They really feel perplexed when they have to dress up for such a wedding event. It is not so difficult to not dress up like a bride. Here are some tips:

Don’t wear the bride’s dress colour:

In most of the wedding events, it is the dress of the bride which is the centre of attention. Sometimes, it is the colour of the dress that makes the bride more prominent. So, you should not wear the same colour. If the bride is wearing white colour and you also want to wear some light colours, go for off white, light grey and other colours with similar shades. Let the bride rule the event on her big day. 

It is not much difficult to choose the dress that is well suited for you. These days, designers’ dresses have made it easy for people to make their own style statement in the wedding to find Best Designer Dresses – MISHA.  

Don’t overdress:

It is not always the colour only that steals the thunder of the bride. Even if you are wearing a different colour and you overdress yourself, you end up upstaging the bride. Don’t go with the long gowns with incredible amount of glitter and shine on it. There are many other things that are considered as the part of the dress of the person who is overly dressed 

Don’t wear anything awkward:

You cannot wear anything awkward just because you don’t want to take away the shine of the bride. For instance, you cannot wear jeans and t-shirt to the wedding in order to look casual. This dress code is not for wedding event and you will find everyone eyeing on you instead of the bride. So, try to look natural and decent according to your personality and choose the dress that sensibly goes with the wedding event

Search for dresses:

If you don’t know how you can dress up appropriately without causing inconvenience to anyone, you can search for the dress according to your position. For instance, if the bride has chosen to make you the bridesmaid, you can search for the dresses for bridesmaid. Similarly, you can also search for dresses suitable for friends and close relatives of the bride. 

The bottom line:

You can choose to look decent, not overly dressed and still beautiful at the same time. Remember that is not your big day and you need to be prepared for it in such a way that everyone can see that you are happy for the bride



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