Importance of Being Healthy In School For Better Performance

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For students to perform better in school, they need to be healthy. Poor marks, low examination scores, and lower educational achievement have been linked with risky activities, for example, not exercising, unhealthy eating, use of tobacco, liquor, and drug use amongst the youth. So for the students to perform better even after school, we need to stress the importance of being healthy in school.

Irrespective of the cultural group, or social class, all students are entitled to a healthy environment that upholds their health and creates a basis for learning. Students succeed when they are given a healthy diet, physical fitness, primary safety, unpolluted air, clean water, health facilities, and teachings about choosing healthy options.

The attention span, class involvement, and better test results are mostly seen in students who choose healthier diets. Social issues are also reduced by better nutrition. The importance of being healthy in school will make a pupil very attentive in class and attend school regularly. This will result in better performance in class. 

Getting Enough Sleep

If a student does not get enough sleep, they tend to get poor test scores. Children are required to sleep for 9 hours every night. But you will find children who attend school and young adults get less than 9 hours and this affects how they perform in school. 

If a student is not performing well in school, they cannot stay focused on class, parents and guardians are advised to check the sleeping patterns of the student. Are their sleeping patterns poor? Do they refuse to go to bed on time? Do they wake up at night frequently? Do they snore or have sleep apnea? Are they lethargic the whole day? A parent or guardian is advised to consult a doctor for further assistance if they are unable to deal with it. 


Exercising should be incorporated into the daily routine of a student. Exercising increases the overall health of a student. Apart from fitness in general, these exercises assist the student to develop social skills, mental wellbeing growth, and students are not prone to risky activities. 

If exercising is not enough, and a student’s diet is not healthy, there is a high chance of a student becoming obese, especially in young adults. Parents are encouraged to take their children in physical activities even after school. 

Physical activities also help in decreasing stress levels and improve a student’s frame of mind. The student will experience a soothing effect after performing a physical activity because there was improved blood movement to the brain which in turn increases norepinephrine and endorphins.

Significance of Breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and what better way to start your child’s day with a healthy breakfast before going to school! When a student does not eat sufficient food, it can impact the child’s comprehension capabilities. This will greatly affect the student’s overall performance compared to when a student eats a healthy breakfast. 

Asthma Effects

School-going children that have asthma will be absent frequently due to severe intensification of the disease and the side effects of asthma medicine. Asthma can be controlled by parents and doctors working together. Such things as asthma medicine being brought to school, use of the school clinic if it is there, and decreasing asthma causes. A student can also sign up for things such as asthma camps or swimming programs for asthmatic students. 

Handling a Prolonged Health Issue

Handling a long-lasting health issue can take a toll on academic performance.  Some studies have shown that students with prolonged health issues are frequently absent, thus impacting their performance. 

Students with health problems such as diabetes need to monitor their sugar levels so that they do not suffer from seizures. A school can invest in an insulin pump that distributes insulin repeatedly through the body which helps in controlling glucose levels when they are in school. For students who have sickle cell anemia often experience aches and are likely to suffer from anemia, retinal issues, and slow growth. This will likely make them fall behind in school work and also not being fully attentive in class.

Other prolonged health issues that affect the students include epilepsy, cancer, hemophilia, genetic heart disorder, and HIV can negatively impact a student’s success and attendance. 

These students need someone to keep an eye on them, not only when they are having issues with school work, but also no need to attend to them when they need medical assistance. 

Watch Out For Obesity

There has been a rapid increase in obesity according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention articles. Children between the ages of 6-19 have been most affected in the past 20 years. Some schools have decreased the number of times students do their physical education. This coupled with eating junked food is leading students to become obese. As much as parents are trying to make their children eat healthy meals, the outside world is full of promotion of foodstuff that is not healthy.  

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In conclusion, the overall performance of a student is dependent on a healthy diet and environment. Unless it is a chronic health issue that no one has control over, students can be encouraged to adopt a healthier routine by sleeping for 8 hours, working out, eating a nutritious breakfast. With the help from parents, guardians, and teachers, students can embrace this healthy lifestyle. 

The importance of being healthy in school should be given top priority as it helps in class performance, which in turn impacts the future of the students. In the future, these students will be our financial advisors, and what better way to set them off by ensuring they are fit both physically and mentally.

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