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Keeping Your Small Business Safe from Various Threats

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Given how much hard work and dedication go into maintaining the average small business, it’s only natural that proprietors would do everything in their power to keep their enterprises safe. However, since businesses face a variety of threats – ranging from cyberattacks to breaks-ins – this is liable to strike many business owners as a daunting task. While it’s true that you’ll need to expend some effort on the security front, keeping your business safe from a wide assortment of threats is much easier than you may think. In the interest of protecting your small business from a growing array of threats, put the following pointers to good use.  

Advise Against Using Work-Issued Devices for Personal Purposes

Almost every member of the workforce has utilized employer-issued devices for personal use at one point or another. Whether it’s updating social media accounts, checking personal email or surfing the web, odds are you’ve used the aforementioned devices for non-work purposes. However, while this is often harmless, it also increases the likelihood of these devices falling prey to viruses, malware and other cyberthreats. Every time a work device is used for personal purposes represents another opportunity for cyberthreats to take hold. 

With this in mind, consider recommending that your employees abstain from using your business’s devices for non-work purposes. While you’re liable to get some pushback, this can be among the most effective ways to ensure that business-owned computers, smartphones and other internet-enabled devices remain safe from assorted digital dangers. Even if your employees use certain devices every day, it’s important that they understand that these items don’t actually belong to them – and should therefore be treated with the utmost of care.  

Require Employees to Keep Operating Systems and Software Up to Date 

In order to keep up with virus developers and other cybercriminals, software companies regularly release patches and updates that are created in response to newly-emerged threats. Of course, for these updates to be maximally effective, they need to be installed as quickly as possible. The longer someone keeps update installation on the backburner, the more vulnerable their devices become. 

As such, all employees should be required to install update files for operating systems and applications as soon as they become available. Placing update installation on the backburner may seem like a good idea in the short term, but such procrastination can facilitate a host of undesirable consequences. 

By extension, make sure that every internet-enabled device in your office is equipped with high-quality antivirus software. Since many modern-day operating systems include virus-fighting components, people often believe that they no longer need dedicated antivirus software. However, instead of regarding the aforementioned components as a substitute for dedicated antivirus software, you should enable them to work in tandem with one another. 

Secure Your Office Network 

Securing your office network is another step you should take to keep cybercriminals at bay. To start with, make sure that the network is password-protected. Furthermore, to prevent unwelcome third parties from guessing the password, avoid using common word and number combinations or incorporating the name of your business. In addition, take care to change this password on a regular basis and prohibit employees from sharing it with anyone outside the workplace. 

You’ll also need to change your router’s default login credentials, as well as your network’s default name. In many cases, the default network name will include a router’s brand and model, which can be valuable information to cybercriminals. 

Hire Security Guards 

If you’re looking for an effective way to protect the valuable documents and equipment housed within your business, consider enlist the aid of dependable security guarding services. The right service will provide you with well-trained guards who are ready to deal with a wide variety of security breach scenarios, thereby keeping your business safe and lifting a tremendous weight off of your shoulders.  

Wanting to keep your small business out of harm’s way is only natural. After all, you’ve put a tremendous amount of effort into starting and maintaining this enterprise, and you’re not about to watch it fall victim to the machinations of criminals or become vulnerable due to a lack of proper security measures. To help ensure that your small business remains safe for years to come, don’t hesitate to adopt the measures discussed above. 

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