Looking after your health this summer

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Summertime is a source of great joy for thousands of people. The days are longer, the weather is warmer and it’s the perfect time to take a trip somewhere fun. But despite all these perks, it’s still important to take care of your health and wellbeing. It’s easy to forget about looking after your mind and body when you’re having a good time, but healthy habits will allow you to feel even more comfortable for longer. If you’re on the lookout for some health and wellbeing tips this summer, then take a look at the ones below:


While sunglasses should ideally be worn all year, they’re indispensable during the summer. Even if you don’t have particularly sensitive eyes, UV rays have the power to damage your vision over time. You might not notice these effects immediately, but years down the line you may have trouble seeing as clearly as you once did. Whether you decide to invest in Wiley X eyewear or another brand, make sure your shades offer 100% UV protection and have a prescription if you wear glasses on a daily basis.

Sun cream

Sunglasses aren’t the only way you can defend your body from the harmful effects of the sun. Protect your skin from sunburn in the coming months by applying sun cream throughout the day. Choose a formula that has at least SPF 30 and offers both UVB and UVA protection. If you have sensitive skin, consider using a physical sunscreen over a chemical one, as this will be less likely to irritate your skin. It’s also good to look out for reef-friendly products as some sunscreens are very harmful to coral and aquatic life.


If you often forget to drink water, make it a mission to keep your water bottle filled to the brim in the summer months. While it’s recommended that you drink around eight glasses of water each day, you might want to increase this number if it’s very hot outside or you’re running around playing sports. Substitutes for people who don’t enjoy drinking tap water include iced tea, natural fruit infusions, and even sparkling water. Try and add real fruit to your water bottle overnight and see how it tastes in the morning.


It can be hard to get enough sleep in the summer months, especially if your curtains allow a lot of light to come into your room. If you can’t install black-out blinds, consider buying a silk sleep mask to block out the sun. While there are other materials available, silk will be smooth and non-abrasive on your skin, helping you to sleep more comfortably.


Many people talk about starting a workout routine to get their summer body ready, but exercise is all about feeling good, not what you look like. Summer is the perfect time to start a new fitness routine because of how great the weather will be. Whether you love bike rides, want to try jogging, or plan to go wild swimming, summer brings with it the opportunity to move your body and connect with nature at the same time.

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