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I had the opportunity to sit down with Nina Grullon, Master Colorist, and owner of the 5th Ave Hair Studio. Nina is a beautiful and elegant lady who is very experienced when it comes to achieving beautiful hair no matter the type of hair or goal a client has. I was able to watch Nina in action and see how her passion and confidence comes through while working on her client’s throughout the day.

Social Lifestyle: Please share your background with us?
Nina: I’m from Georgia and I moved to the United States over 20 years ago. Shortly after moving to the states, I decided to go to school and get licensed for doing hair. 

Social Lifestyle: How did you know coloring was a passion of yours?
Nina: Since I was a young girl, I had a passion for hair. I used to spend my time doing my friends hair when I was in high school.

Social Lifestyle: When did you start the 5th Avenue Hair Studio?
Nina: I started the 5th Avenue Hair Studio in September of 2014. I’m so grateful that I was able to open my studio and do what I love each day!

Social Lifestyle: Tell us about the services you offer and your work environment.
Nina: Though we are like many salons, our focus is on color and hair extensions, which are specialized services that we are known best for with our clients. 

As stylists, we always love to work in a peaceful environment which is what our clients crave as well. The 5th Ave Hair Studio team is here to provide exceptional services whether it be with hair or simple customer care. This salon dynamic makes us stand out from our competitors. 

Social Lifestyle: Tell us about hair extensions.

Nina: Hair extensions have always been a great way to give our clients an exceptional transformation. As spring and summer are approaching, we don’t see our clients straying away from them. We use a method so detail oriented that mimics the growth of natural hair which creates a perfectly blended finish. We have explored many methods and found that keratin nano capsules are the way to go. We also use virgin hair which allows our clients to explore freely with their color. 

Social Lifestyle: Spring is here.  Any new trends our readers should be aware of? 

Nina: Shag haircuts seem to be the highlight this year and adding a bang whether it be a side swept, asymmetrical or a curtain bang is what is giving our clients the new trendy look. As far as color, we are adding a little more warmth than what we have seen the past couple of years, which is refreshing after all the ashy tones we been focusing on. Keeping it natural and low maintenance is the focus. 

Social Lifestyle: Let’s talk about how the hair changes as people age.
Nina: Age does play a big roll for many of us, but I have to say that just as much as we have our younger clients walk out with fashion colors following the latest trends, we have our older clients doing the same. I believe there is no right or wrong. Some people believe that you must cut your hair super short, have it dark or blonde and keep it simple, but it’s your hair. You do what feels right for you! 

Social Lifestyle: Women in their 40’s and 50’s usually like to hang onto their long locks. Any advice on how they should maintain their hair?
Nina: There is no big secret to healthy hair. Simply maintain a good haircare routine, brush it, braid it, and treat it like gold. 

Social Lifestyle: What is your favorite part about the beauty business?
Nina: I love interacting with people and making people feel better. I make my clients a priority and make sure they look and feel their best after leaving my chair.

Social Lifestyle: We notice that you use the ORIBE line which happens to be our favorite. What is your reason that you carry that line compared to the many that are on the market?
Nina: I love the quality of their products. I’ve been using ORIBE since it became available on the market. They are one of the best luxury haircare brands on the market. Every product does exactly what it is advertised to do. You can sell their products with confidence knowing that it will deliver the best results.

Social Lifestyle: Tell us a little something that your clients don’t know about you.
Nina: I studied in Georgia and majored in business which has helped me open and run my business here in New York. 

Social Lifestyle: What makes you stand out from your competitors?
Nina: One of my biggest strengths is my attention to detail. Over the years, I have also worked amongst some of the best stylist in New York, which has helped me with my long-term success. I’m beyond grateful for this!

Social Lifestyle: What advice would you give those who want to get into the business?
Nina: You must be dedicated and never give up. If you put in the effort and time, it will pay off. Love what you do, and you will never work a day in your life!

To book an appointment: (718) 439-4909.


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