The Significance of Music Licensing

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Today streaming live on social media is easy. Anyone can live stream from anywhere anytime. However, if someone wants to play music during their streams, understanding the legal requirements for using someone else’s music is important as it explains the significance of royalty free music for streaming.

What is the need for music in live streams:

Music breathes life into any performance, and it speeds up the live streaming production value. More viewers are attracted through streaming music. Using music in live streams attracts more viewers. Music aids in the development of emotion in the audience. When an energetic pop song is played, the audience becomes enthralled, a quiet piano solo can evoke grief, and EDM can make the audience want to dance.

When employed at the right times, music adds another layer to the broadcast. Even if the speakers are fantastic, the right music will elevate the live performance to new heights.

Music can be added to live streams in an infinite number of ways. The only drawback is to choose music that has permission to play. Copyright infringement can cause the stream to be shut down and have serious consequences.

If a person wishes to add music to their live stream, they have the below three options:


  • Publicly available music:


Anyone and everyone can use publicly available music. Any musical work created before 1925 in the United States is immediately in the public domain.


  •  Royalty-free music for streaming:


To avail of the royalty-free music for streaming one-time royalty money is paid to get the right to use music in a broadcast. A sync license is another name for it. A sync license is required when producers wish to use songs in advertisements, TV shows, movies, or YouTube videos. The license permits them to “sync” the music to their video output as a content developer. They won’t be able to play the song on their live stream if it is copyrighted and they don’t pay a royalty or obtain a sync license.


  • Original Compositions:


On live streaming, one can, of course, play original music that they have composed. But what exactly constitutes “originality?” A cover is a rendition of another song that does not include any of the original’s characteristics. Covers made wholly by the artist can be used, but royalties must still be paid to the original song’s owner.

“Royalty-free” means the ability to utilize copyrighted material or cerebral property without having to pay royalties for each use or per volume sold, or for a set length of time. So, unless someone is generating their music, they will need the help of others to complete their media experience.

The majority of individuals don’t have direct access to artists to ask for permission to utilize their work; thus, music licensing houses are created. Licensing firms serve as a link between musicians and visual artists, making it as simple as possible for musicians to obtain publicity while staying within legal boundaries, and for filmmakers to save the time, hassle, and expense of trying to purchase music directly. Photographers and filmmakers already have enough to deal with in post-production without having to deal with labels and industry legalities.


There’s no denying that adding music to any live stream can make it better, regardless of the genre. If users obey the regulations and look for music that is allowed to use, it is also possible that users can apply high-quality royalty-free music for streaming.



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