Thinning Hair Tips: What Does And Doesn’t Work

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It’s extremely common to experience thinning hair for a number of reasons. Your hormones can control hair loss, with many women on the pill experiencing increased loss of hair. Stress is another factor, as are the products you put in your hair. Naturally, this means you end up with thinner hair than you’d like. As such, you are determined to find a way to thicken your locks up and get rid of any bald patches. 

This is harder than you think, mainly because there are so many treatments that don’t work. So, let’s take a look at what you should and shouldn’t do to deal with thinning hair:

Hair growth supplements – Don’t work

You’ve probably seen many supplements on the market targeted at thinning hair and hair loss. They claim to include all the natural vitamins and minerals required to make your hair strong and healthy. Some are even marketed as natural ways to cure hair loss. 

In reality, these supplements rarely work. They might make your hair healthier, but they won’t help you regrow any of the follicles that have gone missing. So, your hair feels strong and healthy, but it’s still thinning. 

Laser hair growth treatments – Do work

When you suffer from thinning hair, you have loads of hair follicles that basically don’t work anymore. They have become dormant, meaning they still exist, they just don’t grow hairs for you. Laser hair growth is arguably the best hair loss treatment as it encourages these follicles to become active once more. No surgery is needed, and the results are very natural. 

In essence, the lasers stimulate circulation in the scalp and open up the capillaries to allow the follicles to gain nutrients needed to grow hair. Will this help you regrow hairs that are gone forever? No, but it can definitely encourage dormant follicles to wake up and provide more hairs on your scalp, thickening your hair. 

Hair thickening shampoos – Do & Don’t work

Hair thickening shampoos are interesting as they do work, but they also don’t work. They work because they can give the illusion of thicker hair. These shampoos – the good ones anyway – will make your strands of hair thicker. As such, less space is given between each strand of hair, so you look like you have a thicker set of locks. 

However, they don’t work in the sense that they can’t encourage hair regrowth from dormant follicles. So, if you stopped using the shampoos, you’d stop seeing the results. Plus, you can get loads of hair-thickening shampoos that just don’t work and make false promises. So, do your research before buying and be aware of what to expect. 

You don’t have to be worried if your hair has started thinning out. In some cases, the treatment is as simple as addressing the cause. If you’re stressed or on the pill, tackling these things will mean your hair stops falling out and grows back. Of course, you have other ways of dealing with thinning hair – just be sure you pick a technique that actually works. 

It’s also worth noting that some people actually need to thin their hair out. If this applies to you, then obviously these tips aren’t relevant. Instead, check out this post here where we go over some advice on how to safely and effectively thin your hair.

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