What Common Cars Are the Most & Least Efficient in the UK?

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These days, many people are looking to be more eco friendly and one of the best ways to do this is to drive a vehicle that is efficient. In addition to reducing your environmental impact by using less fossil fuel, an efficient car can also save you money at the pump as well – this is particularly helpful right now with the rising cost of fuel. In addition to this, another benefit of picking an efficient car is that the insurance is usually more affordable.

So, what are a few of the best and worst cars for efficiency?

Dacia Sandero

The Dacia Sandero is proving to be a popular car right now, which is largely due to its affordability. This is a vehicle that is much cheaper to buy than other models, plus the running costs are very low thanks to its impressive fuel economy of around 52 mpg. It is also cheap to insure as well, so it is perfect for those looking to make savings.

Suzuki Ignis

The Suzuki Ignis is a mild hybrid, which means that there is a small electric motor that makes the vehicle a lot more efficient and cheaper to run. The Ignis is capable of around 59 mpg and is an ideal vehicle for anyone looking for an eco-friendly vehicle that isn’t quite ready to make the jump to a fully electric car (you also do not have to stop and charge the car).

Audi S8

At the other end of the scale, the S8 from Audi is a popular car on the roads but one that is not great in terms of fuel efficiency. Although it looks great and features a luxury interior, the S8 only gets around 21 mpg which makes it a car that is expensive to run and bad for the environment.

Audi SQ5

The SQ5 is another vehicle best avoided for those looking to save the planet and reduce their costs. While it features all of Audi’s hallmarks, it is also a car that is only capable of around 24 mpg. This makes it a car that is expensive to buy and run, so it will not be a great choice for many.

It is always important to consider efficiency when choosing a new car, especially in a time when the cost of fuel is skyrocketing. Many motorists are looking for ways to reduce their impact and choosing a car that is efficient will benefit the planet as well as their wallets. 

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