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Which Lingerie Styles Suit Your Body? A Guide for Every Woman

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Did you know that many women worldwide find clothes shopping challenging? Undergarments and lingerie are no exception to that.

They predict that the Global Intimate Apparel market size to be $51.03 billion by 2026. While clothes and undergarments are essentials, lingerie is more of a luxury. Throughout history, these garments were also status symbols of femininity.

Owning lingerie is now a worthy investment. But buying one that fits right is often a tedious task.

Do you know which lingerie styles fit you? Find out how to choose lingerie that will flatter your shape with this guide.

Know Your Body Type

Women’s bodies come in different shapes and sizes. While that may often look like an obstacle when shopping, they make you more unique.

Over the years, the fashion industry labeled female shapes into five categories. It includes the famous hourglass shape, round, rectangle, triangle, and inverted triangle. The categories suggest the sizes of your shoulders, waist, and hips, not your weight.

When shopping for the best lingerie, knowing your body type is essential. To help you buy sexy lingerie, here is how you can identify your shape.


Women with hourglass figures have shoulders that has the same width as their hips. They also have a narrow waist going inwards.

Most women’s clothes today cater to this body shape. When you have an hourglass figure, any lingerie style looks good on you. But to make you look and feel sexier, there are pieces you need to own.

Garter belts, teddies, and corsets are the best lingerie for this body type. They stress your narrow waists and can even elongate your figure.


With a triangular-shaped body, you have wider hips with smaller chests and shoulders. Nowadays, triangular figures are trending.

Because of that, your lingerie needs to emphasize your hips. But you can also look for a different style if you want to highlight your upper body. Your choices should balance your proportions.

Negligee and matching sets help draw attention to your chest down to your hips. A bustier is also great if you want to focus on your breasts.


Rectangle bodies are also called columns by many fashion experts. It has a more athletic look but is akin to the hourglass. The only difference is the lack of tapered waists.

When you have this figure, you need lingerie that defines your waist. For example, camisoles and corsets help cinch your waist. Adding frills and laces and using satin and silk can also help.

Inverted Triangle

The inverted triangle has broad shoulders, a large chest, and a narrow waist and hips. When you have this shape, what body part to flatter will depend on you. But your best lingerie of choice is the teddy.

It helps slim your shoulders and even make your body look longer. Using this piece can make you look more appealing. Not to mention, it also helps build your self-confidence.


An apple or round figure is all about curves. Women with apple shapes have wide hips and large busts. When you have curves, your lingerie should emphasize them.

Shapewear helps enhance your curves while bringing out a smooth and sexy outline. Babydoll dresses can also draw attention to your bust and legs. Lingerie styles for apple bodies should make them look balanced.

What to Consider When Choosing Lingerie

When you shop for lingerie, you need to decide what style can highlight your natural shape. Aside from that, it should also balance out your proportions.

Moreover, it should make you feel beautiful and comfortable. Keep in mind that the purpose of lingerie is to flatter your figure.

Make sure that you own a piece that speaks to you. Women’s fashion, including lingerie, should boost your confidence whenever you wear them.

Matching Set

Matching set lingerie is one of the pieces you need to have in your closet. It gives off a flirty and feminine approach and suits any body type.

The matching bra and panties help draw attention to all the parts of your body. Because of that, the ensemble makes your entire figure more appealing. While they cost more, a matching set is a great sensual piece that can lift your mood when you wear them.


The purpose and symbol of corsets changed several times over the centuries. Despite that, corsets are the best lingerie piece if you want to cinch your waist. They also hide any unwanted bulges on your body.

Not only that, but its lace ties also help define your figure. You can use a corset as a top piece or cover it with a sheer dress.


Negligees are one of the lingerie styles you can often relate to with romance and femininity. It’s a sheer garment that works as a flirtier alternative to warm dressing gowns.

You can wear negligees over another lingerie, or you can wear it like that. The material is also feather-light and smooth on your skin.


A bustier is the same as a corset, but instead of your waist, it lifts your bust. It functions like a push-up bra, emphasizing your breasts. Not to mention, this tight-fitting garment can also shape your waist.


Babydoll dresses are lingerie with soft straps and flouncing skirts. It’s a delicate piece using silk or satin fabrics.

This piece is also one of the best choices for round-shaped women. Aside from that, its design also fits well with inverted triangle shapes.

Garter Belts

Garter belts are some of the hottest lingerie pieces to heat the bedroom. It wraps around your waist and often uses lace or other delicate material. But some designs use leather.

Apart from that, they have hanging clips for you to attach stockings or knee-high socks. They’re the best choice for women who want to emphasize their waistline.


This lingerie has the same look as a one-piece bathing suit. In a way, a teddy is a fusion of camisoles and panties. Teddies are available in different materials, but lace and mesh are the favorites.

Your Ultimate Guide on Lingerie Styles for Your Body Type

Lingerie shopping is both an exciting and exhausting task. Sometimes, it can also be disappointing. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you know what body shape you have, looking for sexy lingerie styles becomes easier. Each body type is unique, and the right piece can make you look stunning.

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