4 Tips To Pass Your Driving Test On The First Attempt

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Driving a car brings a new level of convenience to your life. Once you’ve got your license, it’s easy to drive around as much as you want. Unfortunately, getting your license can be the tricky part. It’s normal for people to fail their driving test multiple times before eventually passing. 

However, with these four tips, you should stand a much better chance of passing your test the first time asking!

Drive an automatic car

Automatic cars are more common over here in the US, yet some people will still try to drive a manual one. Manual cars use a stick shift gear system, meaning you have to focus on changing the gears. They also have an extra pedal – the clutch – making them harder to drive. You have to think about more things, meaning more things can go wrong. 

It’s common to stall a lot while learning to drive a manual car, and one wrong gear change can mean you fail your test if you’re unlucky. Realistically, there’s no reason to drive a stick shift car. Most cars are available with automatic transmissions, and the future of the auto industry lies in electric cars, which are all automatic anyway. It’s much easier for you to pass your driving test in an automatic!

Take lots of practice tests for your written exam

The DMV makes you sit a written exam before you can pass your practical driving test. Unfortunately, lots of people will fail this element of their driving examination. As you can discover here, some numbers estimate that one in five experienced drivers can’t pass a written test if they took one today!

This test can often be what holds you back and delays you from passing. The good news is that there are loads of practice tests and resources online to help you prepare. Take as many practice tests as you can, until you are getting close to 100% on all of them. This will mean you are definitely ready to take and pass your written exam on the first attempt. 

Go out driving with your parents

You will usually pay for some professional driving lessons with an instructor. Here, they can teach you all the different maneuvers that you will be asked to perform during your test. It is important to have these lessons as they teach you how to do things ‘by the book’. The DMV looks for specific things during a test. So, even if you perform an action and get the desired outcome, they could mark you down for neglecting a vital step in the process. 

With that being said, it is also valuable to spend as much time as you can out driving in a car. Go out with your parents and drive around to get a feel for driving. This boosts your confidence and makes you way more competent – while also saving money. You can have lessons to get the technical aspects nailed down, but independent driving is really what helps you pass your test on the first attempt. 

Obviously, if you’re an older learner, you don’t have to go out with your parents. You will only need another adult in the car with a driver’s license. 

Don’t rush the process

Very few people will pass their test the first time around and in a short amount of time. There is absolutely no need for you to rush through the learning process. Sure, you want to drive a car as soon as possible, but rushing will mean you end up failing multiple times. 

Remember, driving tests aren’t that easy to book. It could be weeks or months between failures because there aren’t any available slots. Things are even worse thanks to the pandemic backing up loads of driving tests from two years ago. If you fail now, you might not be able to book another test for months!

So, take things slow. Learn how to drive, build your confidence, and only book a test when you are 100% sure you will pass. Yes, nerves will always play a part in the outcome of your test, but when you feel fully prepared, you are less nervous. A slow and steady approach will help you pass straight away. 

Driving lessons and tests can also be super expensive. Ultimately, that’s the main reason you should try to pass on your first attempt. Constant failures won’t just delay your passing, but they’ll also drain your bank balance! Follow the tips above to ensure you pass without any major issues.


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