4 Unconventional Ways To Lower Your Stress

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Stress is incredibly common worldwide and in America, so you are not alone if it is a mainstay of your daily life. According to a ValuePenguin survey, 84% of Americans feel stressed at least once in a standard week. The most common and conventional remedies for dealing with stress include exercising, sleeping better, meditating, and improving your diet. Also, many people cope unhealthily through binge eating, excessive drinking, and yelling. However, there are unconventional but effective things you can do to feel better anytime you are stressed. Below are some of the best unconventional ways to reduce your stress.

  • Psychic reading

America’s psychic industry has reportedly grown by 52% since 2005 to reach $2.2 billion in revenue in 2018, mainly due to the widening acceptance of the paranormal. There is no denying that uncertainty about the future is a significant stressor, and knowing what lies ahead can help significantly—as such, consulting a psychic is one of the best ways to lessen this uncertainty if you believe in psychic readings. In addition, psychic readings can enhance your spirituality, making you feel a greater sense of purpose and reducing stress. You can also clear your mind and receive good life advice anytime you speak to a psychic, so there are worth contacting for readings anytime you are stressed.

  • Drink orange juice

Orange juice is refreshing and delicious, but you probably do not know that it can make you less stressed. WebMD reveals that drinks and food rich in Vitamin C, such as orange juice, can reduce stress by lowering the amounts of stress hormones like cortisol in your body. Therefore, a glass or two of orange juice should do the trick anytime you feel stressed. However, resist the urge to drink orange juice every time you are stressed since it contains a lot of sugar.

  • Chew gum

A stick of gum may be your best bet for relief the next time you feel stressed, so keep this in mind. As per Mind The Science Gap, a study of nearly 3,000 chewers and non-chewers revealed that chewers had less stress, depression, and blood pressure. This lessening in stress levels is attributed to chewing’s rhythmic action, which requires excess energy and can lower stressful emotions. You can chew any brand, flavor, or color of gum as long as it keeps your jaw active.

  • Cannabis

Marijuana is a polarizing substance in the U.S and beyond, but more than half of all mature Americans have tried it at least once. One of the most popular claims about cannabis use is that it lowers stress and helps you relax. A recent study published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence suggests this may be true. However, the study also reveals that you can only enjoy stress relief from cannabis if you only enjoy it in low doses. Recreational cannabis is illegal in 18 states, so you can readily purchase some from an online dispensary and have it delivered depending on your state laws.


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