4 Ways To Relax & Decompress After A Long Work Week

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Working can be very rewarding but also demanding at times. You may find yourself putting in more hours lately or having more on your to-do list. Instead of letting your stress build-up, get ahead of it by taking good care of yourself and taking a break.

There are four ways to relax and decompress after a long work week that will make you feel better fast and help you regain your energy and stamina. Doing so will help you be happier and more positive and not let worry and anxiety take over and disrupt your days and thoughts.

1. Unplug from Technology & Your Phone

One way to relax and decompress after a long work week is to unplug. Put your phone and electronics away and do something else. Give your eyes a rest from staring at a screen and find other ways to fill your time. For example, maybe you want to read a book as you take a warm bath, journal, cook yourself a meal, or listen to your favorite playlist and songs. Another idea is to put your feet up and close your eyes so you can truly rest and relax, and maybe even doze off.

2. Turn on A Show or Movie

If you’ve had a long work week then consider turning on a good show or movie. Don’t worry if you don’t have cable, there are other ways to view the shows you like. For example, you can watch pawn stars online without the use of cable and take some time to rest. You’ll feel better and more relaxed after you take your mind off of your work tasks for a while and get lost in a movie or show you enjoy and find entertaining.

3. Do Yoga & Meditate

Relax and decompress after a long work week by doing yoga and meditating. These are great activities you can do to help slow racing thoughts and will put your body at ease. There are many different guided meditations depending on what you want to work on about yourself or what type of stress you’re feeling. Yoga will also help you build strength and stability and gain clarity over your thoughts. They’re also the perfect activities for relieving stress and anxiety and even pain and discomfort.

4. Go for A Walk in Nature

Light activity is another beneficial way to relax and decompress after a long work week. Head out for a walk in nature so you can reduce stress and clear your mind. Nature has a natural way of healing and walking and moving will relieve any physical tension you’re feeling in your body. You can use it as a time to enjoy some peace and quiet or bring your phone and headphones and listen to your favorite music or play a guided meditation. You’ll return home from your work with a more positive mindset and will be a healthier person overall for your efforts. Walk mindfully so that you can enjoy and take in the sights, smells, and scenery around you.

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