6 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Biodegradable Bikinis

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It’s time to ditch your old, plastic-fibred bikini for an eco-friendlier alternative. If you don’t already have a biodegradable bikini, you should buy one today at Modibodi US.

The most obvious reason to make the switch is because of the detrimental effects that plastic has on the environment. Scientists have forecasted that if plastic waste levels continue to increase at this rate, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish (by weight).

According to National Geographic, it takes about 500 years for synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon to fully degrade. These microplastics eventually end up in our oceans, where they’re ingested by marine life. And guess what? We eat that same marine life too! But when we wear biodegradable bikinis made with organic material like cotton or hemp, we can rest assured knowing that our swimwear won’t outlive us. 

Here are 6 reasons why you should switch to biodegradable bikinis:

1.   Environmentally Friendly

Bikinis made from synthetic fibers are not biodegradable, which means they take forever to decompose. In fact, it takes 500 – 800 years just for a small piece of synthetic material to break down. That’s a long time!

2.   Say goodbye to microplastics

Microplastics are tiny pieces of plastic that are smaller than 5mm in diameter. They’re found in everyday products like cosmetics and clothing, and they’re even in your tap water. Every time you wash your clothes, these tiny pieces of plastic flow into our waterways and oceans where they do major damage to marine life. By switching to biodegradable bikinis made from recycled yarns, you make sure that no microplastics end up in nature when your bikini reaches the end of its life cycle.

3.   They last longer than conventional swimwear

Regenerated polyamide fiber, such as ECONYL®, is extremely soft to touch, has a silky appearance, and feels comfortable against your skin. This is great news because nothing feels better than wearing a luxurious quality swimsuit while on holiday. More importantly, you’ll get to enjoy your bikini for years to come. Plus, you will be making a small but significant difference in reducing textile waste.

  1.   Your health

Most conventional clothing is dyed with toxic chemicals that can be bad for your skin, especially when you’re wearing swimwear that comes into direct contact with your body. Our bikinis are dyed with natural dyes made from fruits and vegetables, so you won’t have to worry about harmful ingredients touching your skin.

  1.   It lasts for multiple seasons

The biggest complaint about bikinis is that they do not last very long and do not hold up well in water. However, biodegradable bikinis are made from natural materials, such as bamboo fibers and seaweed fibers, which retain their shape better and last longer than traditional bikinis.

Most importantly, it is affordable. Although there is a myth that eco-friendly products cost more money, that is not always true.

  1.   Comfort

One of the biggest benefits of biodegradable bikinis is their comfort. The materials used for these products are soft and gentle on the skin. For example, swimsuits made from all-natural fibers such as bamboo and organic cotton tend to be much less itchy than those made from synthetic fabrics like polyester or rayon blends. This is because they don’t have additives like formaldehyde or other chemicals that can cause irritation when worn on bare skin for extended periods of time.

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