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7 Creative Ways To Prepare Potatoes

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Potatoes can be prepared in so many different ways. By playing around with potatoes, you can explore all kinds of fun textures and flavors. Below are a few creative ways to serve potatoes within a meal. 

Hasselback potatoes

Hasselback potatoes are thinly sliced potatoes that are left joined at the bottom, resulting in a fan effect. They are typically roasted and drizzled with butter, salt and herbs. These can make a tasty accompaniment to a roast meal. 

Dauphinoise potatoes

Dauphinoise potatoes are sliced and cooked in a creamy garlic sauce. You can cook them raw in the sauce or boil them first to give them extra texture (known as dauphinoise gratin). Dauphinoise sauce is typically made from mixing double cream, milk, garlic cloves and gruyere cheese. This delicious side goes well with all kinds of dishes.

Mexican roast potatoes

Give your roast potatoes a spicy tangy kick with this Mexican potato recipe. You’ll need some paprika, chilli powder, oregano, cumin, pepper, salt, onion powder and garlic powder. Mexican roast potatoes go well with many Mexican dishes including chili con carne or as a side to some tacos or burritos. 

Creamy garlic mashed potatoes

Looking for a mouthwatering mashed potato recipe? Try these creamy garlic mashed potatoes. Unsalted butter and heavy cream can help to give your mash that creamy texture. Adding some garlic will then help to add a zing. These mashed potatoes go well with French-inspired dishes, but you can try serving them with other dishes too.

Homemade French fries

You can also turn potatoes into homemade French fries. By making your own fries, you can control exactly how healthy or unhealthy they are. To make fries, cut potatoes into thin chunks and then fry them in a deep pan of oil. You can also use an air fryer for a healthier option. To give your fries extra flavor, experiment with different seasonings beyond salt. Garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, parsley and oregano all go well with fries. 

Potato curry

Potatoes are very good at absorbing other flavors. This makes it a great ingredient within curries. Potatoes can also be a good substitute for meats within curries, helping to provide some solid texture. Aloo curry is one of the most popular potato curries – it is made from potatoes, coconut milk and onion tomato masala. Serve this with some rice and naan bread and have it as a standalone meal, or enjoy it as a side to another curry. 

Potato pancakes

Potato pancakes are a great way to incorporate spuds into your breakfast. They are made using potatoes, flour, milk, eggs and butter. Combine all these ingredients to create a pancake mix, add some of the mix to a pan and then fry it as if you were cooking regular pancakes. Potato waffles can be made using a similar mix. You can serve potato pancakes with savory foods like bacon and egg, or you can add sweet ingredients like maple syrup. 

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