Awesome Baby Shower Gifts for Sober Moms to Be

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Having a baby is a joyful time that brings moms so many new experiences. As amazing and precious as the new experiences of pregnancy are, they replace some beloved old ones.

What if we told you that being pregnant and becoming a new mom don’t mean having to give up delicious bubbly drinks.

That’s where these awesome baby shower gift ideas come in. Surprise any sober mom-to-be with the flavors of her favorite drinkable treat in a new and unexpected way. Show up with these gifts, and you’ll be the life of the shower!

Their Favorite Drink Minus the Alcohol — Don’t just be another shower guest who comes to the party with more baby clothes and pacifiers. Stand out! Be the talk of the baby shower when you bring a delicious alcohol-free red wine with the same rich texture and taste of the “real” thing.

Any wine-loving sober mom-to-be will be ecstatic to get her favorite drink back in hand. It’s the perfect and unique gift that she may not even know existed. She won’t want to wait to pop the cork!

Is your pregnant friend more of a beer lover? There’s an alcohol-free drink for her too. Surprise her with a pack of non-alcoholic craft beer that offers the same hoppy flavor she craves with none of the health side effects. 

Go the extra mile and bring enough non-alcoholic drinks for the whole baby shower guest list to get in on. The soon-to-be mom will appreciate the effort, and everyone will feel included. Get the whole party to join in on a non-alcoholic toast for the new baby!

Mocktail Recipes They’ll Want to Use — Even after delivering her baby, your new mom friend may still choose to be sober. Help her discover tons of new ways to enjoy her new non-alcoholic favorites. A list or book of mocktail recipes is a thoughtful and helpful gift that they can use again and again throughout their new mom years.

A few mocktail ideas for a mimosa or spritzer using alcohol-free sparkling wine is a must for any brunch or book club loving mom-to-be. It’ll help them keep up with their health and wellness goals while still getting a chance to relax and unwind with a drink in hand. Any new mom will appreciate the thoughtful gift and look forward to using it at their next big gathering.

Personal Coupons Customized to Their Needs — Another totally unique gift idea that stands out from the rest is a set of personal coupons you can create and customize for their lifestyle and needs. Was your friend a sushi lover? Design a cute paper coupon of your own, redeemable for one sushi dinner in the future (post-birth of course).

Are they more of a homebody? Make a coupon redeemable for having you come over to their house and cook them a meal (complete with non-alcoholic mocktails!). You can get creative and adjust the various coupons for their specific likes and needs.

And, of course, the most valuable coupon of all is one for a free night of babysitting. One study says as many as 64% of parents claim it’s stressful hiring a babysitter because it’s hard to find someone to trust. The gift of babysitting for a close friend is not only the gift of time but also the gift of peace. Your mom friend will be so grateful!

Everyone Loves a Gift Basket — And, last, what takes the place as the ultimate, most awesome, baby shower gift? A gift basket of all of the above! Combine non-alcoholic bubbly drinks with a list of mocktail recipes and toss in a few coupons on top. Wrap it all in a cellophane-wrapped basket to win extra presentation points. 

Do you know the gender of the little bundle of joy? Choose themed tissue paper and basket decor to create a super cute and joyful gift package. The soon-to-be sober mom will enjoy sifting through each part of the basket, and it’ll serve as a great conversation starter for other party guests. When in doubt, remember that everyone loves a gift basket! Especially one filled with non-alcoholic treats everyone can indulge in.

In summary, pregnancy doesn’t have to mean your mom-to-be friends miss out on the flavors of their favorite drinks. Show up to their baby shower bearing awesome gifts like non-alcoholic craft beers or sparkling wines for a unique twist on classic mocktails.

If you’re assembling a gift package, definitely be sure to throw in some customized coupons for their needs. Every new mom will appreciate some quality time with their friends or an offer for free babysitting. Be the talk of the party when you walk in with these fun gift ideas!


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