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Common struggles women face every day while shopping for intimate wear

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Going back a few years, women had very limited choices when it comes to intimate wear. Those options used to be mostly simple and mundane white cotton. However, ladies have dramatically evolved their preferences and perception of inner-wear. They are looking for variety in texture, color, design, material, size, and more.

Every lingerie market tries to fulfill the needs of millennial women. Even online stores like Modibodi offer a vast assortment of undergarments to meet the varied preferences of the new-age women.

Industry players are making all possible efforts to bring products that are both fashionable and comfortable. They innovate to offer products that are suitable for various occasions, moods, and outfits for today’s bold women. 

Despite the wide range of options available, women often find it difficult to pick the right piece. Here are some challenges they face every day and their possible solutions.

  • Getting it both trendy and comfy

Just like every other fashion, trends in intimate wear also keep swinging in and out of vogue. More commonly, the lingerie in the latest trends are not available in your specific size or choice of material. While you might have to compromise a little, thanks to numerous brands and their endless product lines, you can still find a product that captures the best of both worlds.

  • Finding the right fit

Size and fit is the most crucial aspect of buying inner-wear. It is also one of the biggest challenges women have to confront every time they go shopping. Mostly the problem is attributed to inappropriate measurements. Even the slightest change in your physical appearance and body weight can also change the right size for you. 

It is advised to consult experts or research over the Internet to find the right way of measuring and checking your size every time you are going to buy a new bra or pair of panties.

  • Choosing the right type for different clothing

Most people consider variety to be the spice of life. However, unfathomable options in undergarments can be perplexing and troublesome even for seasoned and well-informed women. A women’s wardrobe is highly diverse, which is why a single type of lingerie will not suffice.

Thankfully, you can find inner-wear for almost all types of clothes, activities, and occasions. Nevertheless, it takes a significant amount of research to understand what type of bra or panty is suitable for various outfits and pick accordingly.

  • Picking the low- or easy-maintenance pieces

Having a lingerie wardrobe filled with all the diverse styles and types feels lavish. While most brands try to cater to all your needs at affordable prices, maintaining such a wardrobe can still burn a hole in your pocket. 

A fast-paced lifestyle and juggling multiple responsibilities also add to the challenge for women to maintain underwear that is ‘hand wash only’ or  ‘handle with care’. While you might need these pieces for special occasions, it is better to choose economical and easy-to-maintain ones for daily uses.

  • Ensuring comfort to your intimate parts

An aspect that is most often overlooked is the specific needs of your intimate parts. It should be your top priority to ensure comfort for your delicates. Understand your skin type and choose the fabric and style that is ideal for you. 

Also, your lifestyle and the duration for which you have to wear a particular garment are important parameters while assessing comfort.

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