Do You Have Low Testosterone? Here’s How to Know

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You might be surprised to learn that more than 40% of men over 45 suffer from a lack of testosterone.

What exactly does this mean? Basically, low testosterone means that a man’s reproductive glands are producing enough of the male hormone. This isn’t good news because testosterone is responsible for maintaining and developing muscle mass, red blood cells, bone density, sexual features, healthy sexual and reproductive functions, as well as an overall sense of well-being.

Here we take a look at some of the most common signs of low testosterone so that you can decide if it’s time to schedule an appointment with your doctor. Keep reading to learn more.

  1. Unable to Get an Erection

There’s nothing more embarrassing for most men than the inability to get an erection. This is especially true when you’re in a moment of intimacy with your sexual partner. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common signs of low testosterone in men.

When this happens, the best strategy is to visit your physician as soon as possible to discuss potential treatments. 

  1. Lack of Sex Drive

Or perhaps you’ve totally lost your desire to have sex. This obviously isn’t normal for a healthy man, thus it’s a sure sign of low testosterone. Keep in mind that testosterone is the male sex hormone, thus it’s responsible for driving the desire to have intercourse.

It’s important to pay attention to any sudden loss of your sex drive because it could potentially be a sign of something much more serious.

  1. Hair Loss

Believe it or not, hair loss is another sign of low testosterone in men. Have you noticed hair falling out on your pillow or clogging the sink drain? If so, there’s a high possibility that you’re suffering from a lack of testosterone.

Low testosterone isn’t the only reason your hair might start falling out, but it’s certainly a good reason to schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss a solution. 

Here’s a resource where you can find more info about increasing testosterone.

  1. Lack of Energy

Many men with low testosterone complain about a lack of energy. Perhaps you feel a bit lethargic or fatigued, and you simply don’t have the same level of energy that you used to. Talk to your doctor so they can diagnose the problem and prescribe treatment as soon as possible.

  1. Noticeable Mood Changes

Mood shifts can also be caused by low testosterone. After all, the male hormone controls a lot of changes inside your body, including how you feel about yourself at any given moment.

A Guide to Common Signs of Low Testosterone

If you’re like most men, good health and great sex are important aspects of your lifestyle. Fortunately, this guide to the most common signs of low testosterone will help put your sex life back on track.

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