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How Some Entrepreneurs Make $2,000 In Their Ecommerce Business’s First Month

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Many people imagine that it will take them years to replace their regular income with profits from their eCommerce business. However, that’s not always the case. In fact, there are some entrepreneurs out there who seem to have cracked the code on making money fast by simply selling products online. In fact, some are making $2,000 in their first month, effectively replacing their regular income. 

But what do you need to do to actually achieve this? And why is it that many entrepreneurs have to wait months, if not years, before experiencing success?

The Problem

The main reason most eCommerce business website owners don’t make a lot of money is because they are hopelessly reactive. They build their websites and then assume that it’s “job done” and all they need to do is sit back and wait for the money to come rolling in. 

But that’s not how the industry works, particularly these days. Building the website is actually just a small part of the overall process. The lion’s share is the outreach and marketing that comes afterward. 

You can think of the problem by analogy. If you write a great book, do you sit back and wait for people to buy it in stores? Of course not. Instead, you constantly push book sales and make as many media appearances as you possibly can. You should do the same when launching an eCommerce website. 

The Money-Making Approach

The money-making approach – the one that will generate $2,000 in profits during your first month – is proactive. It uses a range of strategies designed to convert users and convince them that your business is the best. 

But how, exactly, should you approach this?

Well, perhaps the best thing you can do from the get-go is to implement retargeting. Remember, conversion rates are only around 2.5 percent among people visiting your website for the first time. That means that 97.5 percent of customers are dropping out quickly after visiting your website. 

To stop the rot, you need to use retargeting to remind them that you exist and that you potentially sell products that they want. Remember, most customers need multiple interactions with your brand before they fully commit to a purchase. So exposing them to your advertising on third-party websites is essential. Without it, you are running blind. 

When creating ads, you’ll need to think outside of the box a little. Be adventurous but also copy the best practice of brands already out there. Existing companies have usually done a considerable amount of A/B testing to refine their ads and convert as many customers as possible. 

 You’ll also want to regularly maintain your site and make sure that it’s up to date. As https://www.atwix.com/services/magento-maintenance/ explains, many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of believing that eCommerce is a “set and forget” business. It is not. It actually requires a lot of ongoing work to keep the site in good stead, even during the first month, 

Another strategy is to improve your pop-up timing, according to https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/287828. You want to display advertisements to consumers at precisely the right moment, instead of annoying them with intrusive interstitials. If you immediately present a pop-up, users are unlikely to explore it further. After all, they want to consume the meat of your site’s content. However, if you wait a while and give them more of a chance to get to know you, they are much more likely to take the desired action. 

The best pop-ups are those that provide consumers with real value. For instance, you might offer a user 10 percent off their purchase if they provide you with their email address. Enticing people this way can be highly effective. 

While you’re doing all this, you’ll also need to focus intensely on search engine optimization in the background. Most people arriving at your site should be organic and coming from Google searches. 

Never take your focus off rising in the rankings. If you can get to the top of the page for a particular niche keyword, you’ll notice that the amount of money you make starts increasing rapidly. 

Don’t just pay a SEO agency a fee and expect them to do everything for you perfectly. Instead, use your own tools to track your progress and see your bang for the buck. SEO can be expensive and drag your business down if it doesn’t make adequate returns. 

Lastly, focus on email marketing. During the first few weeks, this is how you will get the majority of your leads. It’s cheap, effective, and doesn’t cost anything.


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