How to maintain a healthy sex life

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There are many benefits to having a healthy sex life. Studies have shown that it can improve your heart health and boost your immunity. As well as this, you can improve your intimate connection with your partner which is essential for a healthy relationship. Both men’s and women’s sexual health have become more openly talked about recently and so it is important to know how you can improve and maintain your healthy sex life. Your sex life can reveal more about your emotional or physical health. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your sex life. 

Knowing your likes and dislikes

The first step to enjoying and wanting to have sex is learning what feels good and what turns you on. Equally as important is what turns you off and the stimulation of what you need to move you through the stages of arousal. Sex is like a dance and so you need to know the positions that you and your partner like that can help you dance your dance. Be open and communicative with your partner. If you are shy and uncomfortable sharing, then you can frame your suggestions as dreams or fantasies. 

Focus on the moment

During a busy and high-stress lifestyle, it can be easy to get distracted and allow your partner to take a back seat. However, staying in the moment is important, especially for women. You should aim to be in a relaxed space where you can deactivate your stressed mind and fully experience arousal and orgasm. Make sure that when you are engaging in your sexual activities you are not focussing on your to-do list. 

Positive body image

When you don’t feel good about your body, it can be hard to enjoy sex. This is something that affects both men and women. People can get distracted by their weight, sexual attraction, and physical condition. It doesn’t allow you to get in the moment. One way to improve this is to take up more exercise and start eating healthier. Not only can this increase your energy level but also enhance your attractiveness and how you feel about yourself. You need to remember that your partner isn’t thinking about the same things you are. 

Knowing your partner’s sexual health status

This is something that can bring peace of mind to both you and your partner. It can be difficult to have this conversation. No one wants to be the first one to bring up their partner’s sexual history. You can make it a positive discussion though. Just be open and honest about it. Being able to fully open up to each other will improve your sex life. 

Improving your sex life

Improving your sex life can be difficult. It is not an easy topic to open up with to your partner, but it can massively help solidify your relationship. Practicing communication with your partner is probably the best piece of advice for all couples. Find out what you like and be open with your partners. 


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