11 Savvy Shopping Tips to Save on Summer Fashion This Year

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You can save on Summer fashion with a bit of extra work. With the cost of living rising all the time, there’s no better time to start a vigilant routine. Here are some tips to save this year.

Save Your Designer Gear for Special Events

Designer labels make you look great when you buy them. This is why you want to wear them all the time. But the majority of the time, wearing your best tops, shoes, or shoulder bag is unnecessary. For example, if you wear your Donna Karan jeans while doing your daily chores, they’ll not last long. You should also avoid popping out for some essential groceries in your Chanel blouse. Just picking up some vegetables and meat doesn’t require you to look your best. If you save your designer gear for special occasions, you can make the cost go even further.

Buy Spring’s Catalog this Summer

When you buy your clothes out of season, you’ll save money. At discount fashion stores like TK Maxx, you can find high-end fashion brands like Boss and Hilfiger at meager prices. This is due to out-of-season clothing. You see, when a label uses a line for a season, they get rid of them when the season is over. And some stores pick them up cheap, so they can sell them at a discount. So if you are a fashion-lover but can’t afford the exorbitant prices, just wait until the season is over. Spring clothes are similar to Summer’s, so you can get great bargains.

Save on Summer Fashion with a Student Cut

One of the first things people notice is hairstyles. As a result, you may be very self-conscious about your hair. Hair treatments that are done professionally can be pretty pricey. Generally, it’s not affordable and best left for special occasions. However, most expert stylists are happy to provide free or dramatically reduced hairstyling if they permit trainees or students to do it. Although trainees aren’t qualified, they’re generally assisted by professionals. So someone can step in and fix anything that goes wrong. But they might charge you for this service.

Learn to Apply Your Own Nails

Nails are among the most expensive fashion items you can get done these days. And like getting your hair done, they can add up to a pretty penny. However, unlike your hair, you can easily do your own nails for a fraction of the cost. The cost of home nail kits varies by quality. But if you aren’t too bothered and need to save some money, even cheaper ones are effective when applied correctly. Additionally, you can get acrylic and gel sets these days for use with a UV applicator. But be warned, open your windows because it gets a little offensive to the nose.

Buy Easy Application Dental Products

Having bad teeth can make you extremely self-conscious. But getting dental treatment is expensive and far beyond the money most people have lying around. Fortunately, you can get some excellent home treatments for cosmetic dentistry that does a pretty decent job. For example, clip-on veneers come with a mold for your mouth, from which a lab makes a set of teeth that fit you perfectly. While they aren’t cheap, they’re a fraction of the cost of professional orthodontic work. So you no longer need to worry about smiling for family or business photos.

Look After Your New Designer Items

Designer clothes are expensive. So unless you have money to burn, it makes sense to look after them. While you can try your best to keep them clean, there are some other things you need to do to get the most out of them. These include the following:

  • Always read the washing and drying instructions carefully.
  • Take your garments to a dry cleaner if you aren’t sure.
  • Learn about different materials and how to store them.
  • Try not to expose designer clothing to intense sunlight.
  • Conversely, keep your garments as dry as possible.
  • Ask the employees at the store for advice and instructions.
  • Buy suitable quality hangers for delicate and soft fabrics.

You should also be aware of washing temperatures. Not all designer garments are OK for machine washing, but make sure you clean ones that are at a suitable temperature. Some delicate fabrics, like the synthetics in your lingerie, will be ruined by higher temperatures.

Spread the Cost of a New Wardrobe

Times are getting tougher for most of us as the cost of energy, food, and water increases. Therefore, you might be living at a reduced income. But you have the right to new clothing, even if it isn’t designer. Many cheaper clothing stores offer excellent pieces for everyday wear. And you don’t need to buy designer to look good. Additionally, you can spread the cost of your clothing budget by buying a little each time you shop. For example, many supermarkets have clothing departments. So throw in some new pants when buying groceries.

Mix and Match Essentials with Statement Pieces

You can make your designer gear go a little further by mixing and matching it with essentials. For example, no one is paying attention to your jeans when you have a fantastic pair of shoes. So, complete your look with cheaper jeans from a non-designer store so you can afford more expensive shoes. As a result, there’s no need to spend all your money on a complete look when you have wonderful clothes sitting in your wardrobe. Clothes ready to wear with your new shoes. Or perhaps you picked up a quality jacket in a sale, so a tee and jeans will do.

Take Advantage of Summer Deals

There’s more to fashion than clothes and hair, and Summer calls for a little more attention. You can save a ton of cash by taking advantage of seasonal deals. And Summer is no different. When Summer sales begin, you can stock up on essentials like sunscreen and waterproof makeup, usually just before the holiday season. Most major outlets and department stores will hold sales on and off throughout the season. So make sure you keep an eye out for the best offers available. And don’t forget accessories like UV sunglasses for protection and style. 

Install Shopping Apps to Save on Summer Fashion

It can be a challenge to keep an eye out for deals all the time. But not keeping your ear to the ground or eye to the screen means you could miss out on serious savings. Fortunately, like everything else, there’s an app that can help. Well, there are loads, actually. Some of the best include Shopping Notes, Slick Deals, and Priceline. You can install these into your browser on your phone or PC, and they will alert you to the best deals around. Of course, they all work a little differently, but they do things like save items until there is a better price or compare prices.

Look for New Clothes in Charity Shops

It’s always a bit weird that some people have an issue with charity stores. First, you can find brand new clothing that hasn’t been worn. Second, sometimes you find new designer gear. And third, you are helping a good cause. It’s a win-win for everyone. Additionally, the prices are ridiculously low. For instance, you could find a Ralph Lauren jacket for 10% of the RRP. Or, if you are fortunate, designer dresses worn by celebrities. Many of whom anonymously donate their clothing that they wore at special events like movie premiers and awards shows.


Saving on Summer fashion needs some minor adjustments. But you can help yourself by looking after your clothing, mixing low-cost and designer items, and using shopping apps.


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