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Best Casual Wear Outfits For Women

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The problem with dressing casually is balance. You want to make sure that you come off as relaxed and fun, but you also want to look great. You’re not going to wear sweatpants and a tank top, but you also aren’t going to wear an evening gown. You need to find the right mix of laid-back and fashionable to match the tone of your activity while also looking your best. Spending all day at work wearing restrictive and staid outfits and uncomfortable heels means that you need to take advantage when you can sport casual wear. 

This can be tricky for some women. If you don’t have the right outfit for the moment, it can ruin your vibe. Plus, most people have more casual items in their wardrobe than formal ones. It’s easy to choose a formal outfit if you’ve only got one or two. It can be overwhelming if you’ve got many different combinations to create casual outfits. Here’s a guide to help. 

A Floral Dress With Sneakers

If you are out and about with friends on a warm day, you want to look great and be comfortable. You can’t spend the day walking the streets or the mall while wearing heels. A floral dress will give you a cool summer look that can accentuate your natural body shape and let air flow easily. Sneakers will provide you with the comfort to walk all day and provide more fun and laid-back look. If you need to dress casually for work, the dress can be more professional, and the shoes will give you some comfort while being on your feet all day. 

Jeans With a White Tee and a Blazer

Jeans and a tee-shirt are a classic look. Every generation has had its take on this combination, and you simply can’t go wrong wearing it to casual activities. However, you may want to spruce it up and provide some structure to a simple outfit combination. Adding in a neutral blazer will give you some pop to your look and give it more polish. It can turn your jeans and t-shirt outfit into something more appropriate for evening drinks with friends or grabbing a movie in a cool theater.  Add some Chuck Taylors’ to the mix, and you will have a perfect casual look that can get more or less casual as the day goes on. 

Ribbed Tank With Relaxed Suit and Sneakers

Once again, comfort is the name of the game. A relaxed suit provides a free-flowing and laid-back feel and looks for spending time in town. It works in the same way a blazer does, in that it gives some polish while also being comfortable. The ribbed tank will define your torso and feel luxurious while also giving off a relaxed vibe. As always, the sneakers will make spending time on your feet much easier, and you don’t have to worry about a heel getting stuck in a paving stone or saying no if someone suggests hitting the boardwalk. 

Printed Skirt and Tee Shirt

For this combination, you can have the relaxed and casual look you want up top, with a bit of spice in your bottom half. A printed skirt gives off a more friendly and playful vibe than a monotone one. You can choose to go high or a more modest skirt. Next, find a tee that will pair well with your skirt. It can be a color that matches the print or a complementary piece. Accentuate this look with some flat sandals, and you will be ready to spend time in the mall, on the road, or at your favorite restaurant for lunch.

Sweatshirt With Sweatpants and a Structured Jacket

Yes, we mentioned not wanting to wear sweats and tees, but there is a way to make it look great. Go with a matched sweat set. For fall, a light gray can look fantastic and sporty. A structured jacket will help to accentuate your natural form on top of the bulkier sweatshirt. Try a dark color to contrast with the light gray underneath. You can then finish it off with white sneakers to continue the sporty look. This outfit is unconventional but offers a quirky and casual look that is sporty and fun. 

Yoga Set and Slides

In recent years, it has become more common for women to wear their workout and yoga attire in public, and with good reason. Designers have worked to provide great-looking pieces that accentuate curves and provide exceptional comfort. Of course, sneakers work with this type of outfit, but slides are the perfect choice to continue with the workout and spa vibe that the combination provides. 

Everyone likes to dress casually. Primarily it means being comfortable in your clothes, which comes with confidence. However, you don’t want to look like a slob or that you just rolled out of bed. Casual does not have to be frumpy, wrinkled, or utilitarian. While you want to be comfortable and relaxed, you also want to feel like you look as great as you feel. You can do just that and enjoy your time away from the office with these outfits. 


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