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Choosing an Engagement Ring: 4 Tips for Selecting the Best Ring

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Did you know that engagement ring sales are higher than ever before? With the economic uncertainty of the pandemic, people are now ready to start their lives with their partners and propose marriage as a result.

Have you ever thought about choosing an engagement ring for your partner, but you do not know where to begin with the process? Here is a guide for selecting an engagement ring that your partner will love.

Look With Your Partner

You can still make the proposal a surprise but know what type of ring your partner prefers. Once you both start thinking about marriage, you can go engagement ring shopping together so your partner can try on different rings.

See which types of rings your partner gravitates toward and take notes. Pay attention to factors such as the material, the size, the stones used, and the price range. Even if it seems out of your budget, you may be able to find something similar later on that you can afford.

Decide on a Shape

The shape of the main stone on your ring is one of the most important factors in picking an engagement ring. Usually, people who get engagement rings have a good idea of what type of shape they want, and which will look best on their hand type.

Shapes also go in and out of style. For example, oval diamonds are making a huge comeback in the mainstream engagement ring market.

Customize Your Ring

You do not have to buy a cookie-cutter engagement ring that looks like everyone else’s to prove that you love your partner. In fact, purchasing a unique ring will show them how much you care about them because you put more thought into it.

For instance, if you and your partner are more involved with goth and punk culture, then you may want something more dark and edgy than a traditional diamond engagement ring. Get these skull engagement rings for a fresh take on committing the rest of your life to each other.

Find the Right Ring Size

The first thing you should do when you go engagement ring shopping is finding your partner’s ring size. Usually, the jeweler will have a sizing tool that you can use to get a range of what fits their ring finger.

You can also order ring sizing kits online if you want the size but you do not want to go shopping for rings just yet.

Companies such as Orla James have a wide range of rings to choose from.

Choosing an Engagement Ring Should Not be Difficult

If you want to start the process of choosing an engagement ring for your loved one, you should not have to worry about making the right decision. With this guide, you can find the best engagement ring that your partner will adore.

Would you like to learn more about how to plan the engagement and wedding of your dreams? Check out our site for more tips and tricks for getting married and beginning your life with the person you love.

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