How to Appear Stylish and Confident in a Job Interview

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We went from hunting wooly mammoths for survival to here, in front of a screen. How did we come from needing to survive to worrying about what time to choose a job? Human evolution works in mysterious ways, but it sure is better to look at pieces of clothing instead of people dying of hunger. We have new challenges now and we must find a way to adapt to them, even if our brains can not do that.

Our brains are not used to living this life with this level of socialization and new social rules. Thus it is completely reasonable if you feel stressed about this upcoming job interview. Luckily, one thing you can control completely is what you will wear to the interview. You can assume control of your style, and with that, you can have a big impact on your confidence. Here is how you can achieve this very important feat so you can nail that interview.

A suit

Suits are often viewed as a must-have when it comes to special occasions. And when it comes to interview outfits, they are the most popular ones. A suit is a standard but does not mean that any kind of suit will do the trick. If you go in just a regular suit, you will be bland like all the rest. If you get a suit that is too tacky, you can draw unwanted attention in some scenarios. The key is to balance this out and use a suit to your advantage.

This does not mean investing thousands of dollars in a suit. If you can not afford a nice suit, renting one can be a great option for you. Depending on the job, you may not even need the whole suit with a jacket. Or if it is too hot, you can still rock a nice outfit with a great shirt. Oftentimes, it is about reading the room if you want to make the best choice for a suit. There is no one suit that can fit every single person for every single occasion. 

Your standards

In order to gain confidence from a suit, it needs to be up to your liking. You do not want to wear something because someone told you to do so. You want to wear a suit because it is something that draws the best in you. This means looking at yourself in the mirror in a suit and just feeling good. You can get this feeling if the suit fulfills the standards that you made for yourself.

Color is key here and you want the pants and the jacket to match. What affects color the most is the texture of a suit, yes texture affects color. Do not forget about the same effect of texture on the color of your shoes. When thinking about color matching with a shirt, always remember the color wheel and color theory. 


The best way to be yourself and be confident is through small details with the help of accessories. One accessory that you must wear at all times is perfume, this is always a must. It does not need to be expensive, but do not be cheap about it as well. Just smell nice, you do not want any foul odor coming out of you. You can not accessorize too much with a suit, but you can still wear nice earrings, rings, and nice socks.

Avoid these

Appearing stylish is not just about being stylish, it is about not being unfashionable. A suit jacket with a snake skin pattern with no shirt underneath to reveal your tattoos is hot. However, if you are not applying to be a yakuza member, you will not wear this suit at an interview. Green fluorescent color is great for new fashion shows, but it, unfortunately, does not fit an interview. As you can see, it is pretty easy to spot these extremes and avoid them before an interview.

You should avoid greasy hair with visible dandruff in the hair and on clothes. If you have a beard, make sure to trim it to look presentable. Beards are great for confidence, but you do not need to look like a viking. Brush your teeth and make your breath smell because you will be the one talking. Basic hygiene and understanding extremes are all you need to know if you want to avoid mistakes.

It is not just the looks

You will cover your looks just fine, but you need to do something about your mindset. An outfit only stands out if you make sure it stands out with your personality. If you focus too much on your physical appearance, you will forget about what is truly important during an interview. First impressions are very important, and you will cover that with a nice outfit. However, if you show up with all bark and no bite, you will be more disappointed.

You need to show that you are comfortable in the clothes that you are wearing. You need to not only own it physically but mentally you need to own the suit. Be sure to practice what the interview can be like, and practice it in a suit. As the saying goes, hope for the best but prepare for the worst, and that applies to job interviews. Something can and will most likely go not as planned and a nice suit will not save you in that situation.

If you feel stressed before a job interview, just remember that everyone else is stressed too. You should take a look at the situation from their perspective if you want to gain an upper hand. By doing so, you can get a more objective look at the situation and see there is nothing to be afraid of. Everything will be fine and you will get to see another day and dress for other occasions.

It is stressful to think about what would happen if the interview goes wrong, everyone thinks about it. It becomes even more stressful if it is a job interview that separates you from living on the street or not. There is no way of going around it but making it look stressful, this is what we came down to. With these tips for your looks and confidence, you will increase your chances of success, do not worry about that.

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