Is She Cheating On Me? Six Curious Clues That May Bring up Surprises

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Cheating is more common than you think. In a 2021 survey, 46% of respondents in monogamous relationships admitted to cheating. Therefore, it’s fair to suspect that your wife, girlfriend, or otherwise is cheating. 

If you’re asking yourself ‘is she cheating’, read on. You’ll learn six signs of cheating to look out for. 

  1. She’s Paying More Attention to Her Looks 

Things like eating healthy, buying a lot of new clothes, and suddenly going to the gym more often can be signs she is unfaithful. However, remember that it’s not uncommon for someone to want to be healthy and beautiful out of the blue. She may just want more of your attention and/or is feeling self-conscious. 

Another clear sign that she just wants to turn over a new leaf is that she tries to involve you in her new health and beauty routine. Use your discretion. Also, look for some of the other common signs before you start pointing fingers. 

  1. She Suddenly Has New Hobbies or Interests

People pick up new hobbies or interests now and again. However, a cheating wife or girlfriend can pick up new activities from an affair partner. If it’s not clear to you where the new hobby came from, it’s especially fair for you to be suspicious. 

You should also pay close attention if the new hobby seems out of character for her. 

  1. She Wants to Know Where You Are 

Is your wife or girlfriend asking you a lot of questions about your schedule? She may be keeping tabs on where you are so that she doesn’t get caught. 

You should be more suspicious if she answers any questions about why she’s doing this by accusing you of cheating. 

  1. Her Stories Have a lot of Detail 

The truth tends to be full of specific details. Your wife or girlfriend may know this.

Thus, to stop you from asking ‘is my wife cheating’ she’ll pepper her story with specifics. For example, when talking about her day, she’ll say exactly what she had for lunch and where she went. 

  1. She Made a Past Partner Ask ‘Is She Cheating’

Unlike lightning, an affair can strike twice. Did your current wife or girlfriend cheat on a past partner with you or get a divorce (hopefully an amicable divorce) for you? They will probably cheat on you as well. 

  1. She’s Often Taking Out Money

Your joint bank account statement can tell a lot about your wife’s or girlfriend’s activities. Your wife or girlfriend should know this and take out considerable sums of money to hide what they do. If you see this in your bank statement, you may want to ask questions. 

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As a final tip, throughout asking ‘is she cheating’ over and over again, remember to practice self-care. It will probably be psychologically devastating to you to learn the love of your life is no longer interested. Recognize this and do what you can to soothe any emotional pains. 

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