Simple Ways To Personalize Your Wedding

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Planning a wedding is incredibly exciting. When you start the process, it’s natural to want to organize the best day ever. We all have ideas and preconceptions about the perfect wedding day, but it’s important to tailor your plans to suit your preferences and tastes and celebrate your relationship. Putting your own stamp on the celebration is a great way to showcase your personalities and make your wedding unique. If you’re planning your wedding, and you’re looking to add a personal touch, here are some simple ways to make your big day extra special. 

Write your own vows

Saying vows is the most important part of the wedding ceremony for many couples. While some people love traditional vows, others might want to go down a different route. Writing your own vows gives you an opportunity to talk directly to your partner and share your love story with your friends and family. You can be as formal or casual as you like and you have center stage to say whatever you want. If you create new vows, you have the freedom to say how you feel and make your ceremony unique. 

DIY the decorations

Wedding decorations can be expensive, and often, people gravitate towards the same themes and accessories. DIY decorations will save you money but they’ll also give you the chance to put your own spin on the look of the room or reception space. You may want to carry specific themes, celebrate places you’ve visited before, combine colors you love or put a personal stamp on the venue, for example. You can make stickers to personalize favors or place cards, create your own seating plan with table names that mean something to you, or make your own centerpieces and signs to point guests in the right direction. 

Choose your dress code

When the word ‘wedding’ crops up in conversation, many of us automatically conjure up images of ivory gowns, smart suits, and guests dressed up in formal outfits. Some couples love the traditional dress code, but if you never usually wear long dresses, or you want to plan a more informal, laid-back gathering, there’s nothing to say you can’t choose a different dress code. From black tie to festival chic, you can decide what you want to wear and what you’d like your guests to wear. Most brides still opt for traditional gowns, but more and more people are choosing different styles, including colored gowns, short dresses, jumpsuits, trouser suits and cropped tops with maxi skirts. You can also add creative flair and showcase your individual style with accessories, including shoes, jewelry and hair bands, clips or tiaras. 

Make a playlist

There’s nothing wrong with hiring a band or a DJ to play at your wedding, but every couple wants to be able to dance the night away to tracks that they love. Create a playlist for the DJ or band to play, ask friends and family members for suggestions and ask your wedding singer or DJ to take requests. Include music that means something to you and cater to different times of the day. During the ceremony, for example, you might want to opt for romantic songs that remind you of when you first met or when you got engaged. At the party after the wedding breakfast, you may choose more upbeat tunes that take you back to your college days or vacations that carry happy memories. 

Take inspiration from your hobbies and passions

Taking inspiration from your hobbies and passions is an excellent way to plan a day that tells your story and celebrates what makes your union special and unique. There are all kinds of ways you can personalize your big day by using your interests as inspiration. Take your guests to the venue in a tractor or campervan if you love the great outdoors. Name your tables after places you’ve been if you’re globetrotters or brands you love if you are fans of fashion. Create a custom design for your cake or plan your wedding around a theme. From comics, music and movies to sports, dance and gaming, you can use your hobbies to customize your plans. 

Your wedding day should be a celebration of your relationship and an event that has meaning. Many people want to include traditions in their plans, but you can also personalize your wedding. If you’ve recently got engaged, or you’re just starting to think about ideas for your big day, why not consider these simple ways to make your special day unique? 

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