What Is the Cause of Snoring? A Sleep Guide

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You’ve been kicked out of every sleepover you’ve ever attended. Your family routinely complains about how it’s impossible to sleep in the same house as you. Your snoring needs to go.

Ok, so things probably haven’t gotten that bad. But snoring is a problem that affects many people, and it’s understandable to want it gone. But to know how to end it, you need to learn what causes it.

But where can you find that out?

Trick question, because we’re providing answers for “What is the cause of snoring?” and other inquiries in this handy guide! 

But enough talk! Let’s get right into this thing!

What is the Cause of Snoring?

One frequent cause of snoring is a stuffy nose or something blocking the flow of air through your nose. This can get caused by mucus, an infection of the sinuses, a deviated septum (where the inner walls of your nose skew more towards one side than the other), or growths in your nostrils.

Obesity also contributes to snoring. Since obese people are more likely to have an abundance of neck fat, this obstructs the flow of air while you sleep, causing snoring. Stomach fat compresses your diaphragm too, resulting in less air and vibrations that come out as snores. 

The size of your uvula (the dangling bit of tissue in the back of your throat that secrets saliva) can prove a culprit too. Uvulas that are too large interfere with air coming in and out of you, making it rub up against the air and throat. This results in significant snoring. 

Finally, make sure you’re getting enough sleep and paying attention to how you sleep. Sleeping on your side, for example, is much better for warding off snores than sleeping on your back. You should also avoid alcohol and drug use, as these ease your throat muscles too much and start causing the vibrations of snoring. 

Is Snoring a Symptom of Something Bigger?

If you snore a lot, it’s important to identify the severity of your snoring. This is because heavy snoring can be a symptom of sleep apnea, which can pose more serious threats to your health than snoring.

You can use this sleep apnea guide to learn about the dangers the disorder poses and how to handle it. 

How to Stop Snoring

So now that you know the causes of snoring, how do you stop it? Well, taking alcohol out of your diet and working to lose weight can help if obesity or alcohol use is the source of your snoring. It’s also important to go to bed around the same time every night to ward off snoring. 

You can also use special medical tools like a mouthpiece or mask to help keep airflow unobstructed while you sleep and/or ease your breathing. If the issue is with your uvula or a deviated septum, you can get corrective surgery to alleviate these issues.

Getting That Good Night’s Sleep

So, now that you know the answers to the questions of “What is the cause of snoring?” and “How do I stop snoring?”, you’re prepared to give your family (and yourself) the best sleep ever! 

Need more tips on keeping your sleep as restful as possible? Then make sure to check out the other posts on our blog!

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