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3 Unique Types Of Properties You Can Live In

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In these modern times, there are plenty of different properties you can choose to live in. This article will go over three examples of property types you can choose to live in, and why you would want to in the first place. Let’s dive in. 


You are probably familiar with what a penthouse is, but just in case you didn’t know, it may help you to know the definition. Simply put, a penthouse is a spacious apartment usually located on the top floor of an apartment building.

Usually, these penthouses have a deluxe floor plan, and may even have a large open balcony space too. Penthouses are often sought after, as they usually come with a range of facilities within the building itself too. For example, you may have a concierge service, or you may have a reception service too. 

Mountain Homes

One type of property that is becoming a more popular choice for homeowners is mountain homes. These types of homes come in wide varieties and are situated across the United States in most states. They are a popular choice of property to live in, as they have many benefits, including boosting your health.

It boosts your health as it gives you the chance to live amongst nature. You can breathe fresh air on the mountaintops, and you have the chance to live far away from pollution. You will also be able to stay active in these areas, and there will be plenty of opportunities to be social when you want to be and be by yourself when you want to. 

If you’re looking to live in a mountain community or somewhere with mountain valley vibes, you should look into Colorado. In particular, you should look into Steamboat Springs, a city in northern Colorado’s Yampa Valley. Here you will find the Howelsen Hill ski area as well as the Steamboat ski resort. There are even geothermal hot springs here. You can contact the Cheryl Foote Team, who are Steamboat Springs real estate agents, to view various properties in the Steamboat area, including by the mountain and even Strawberry Park. This allows you to work with local experts who can find you your perfect property. 

Repurposed Homes

There are also repurposed homes that could be of interest to you. A repurposed home is taking something that no longer has any use and transforming into somewhere you can live. For example, some developers take over an old factory and transform it into a range of flats while still keeping the outside aesthetic the same.

Recently, we have even seen developers purchase shipping containers and make them into cheap and affordable housing options. Repurposing old buildings ensures that there aren’t any unoccupied buildings, and it is often favorable to developers as they already have some infrastructure in place, which means it is a much more affordable project.

A repurposed home could be a project that you, as a potential homeowner, do yourself. You could purchase an old property or whatever it is, and undertake the work yourself to fix it up. Of course, you still have the option to hire experts if that is something you want to do.

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