5 Best Celebrity Limo Moments of All Time

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Celebrities and limos go together like peanut butter and jelly, and there are plenty of heart-warming anecdotes to share that fall under the title of best celebrity limo moments. Let’s take a look at just five.

Just a Quick Call…

On their way to an event of some kind – a premier or award’s show, or similar – Forrest Whittaker’s beautiful wife, Keisha, took the chance to quickly phone home from the limo to check on the children and her chosen baby-sitter – her own mom! She warned the children to be nice to their grandma and then promptly warned her mom not to give the kids too much junk food during the evening! One hopes that then, hopefully, she put them all out of her mind and enjoyed herself on the red carpet with hubby, charismatic actor Forrest!

How Dare You!

Late Beatle, John Lennon, got into serious trouble with a fan when he dared to paint his Rolls Royce limo bright yellow with colorful psychedelic designs. The fan was apparently outraged that his beautiful car was no longer the somber black of its original design – and indeed of most limos! – berating him with ‘How could you do such a thing to a car like that!’ In John’s defense though, he was given the advice to brighten up his limo by Ringo Starr, who should have received at least half of the lecture!

Don’t Be Chicken

Elvis Presley, that velvet-voiced crooner, was the proud owner of a customized 1963 Phantom V Tourer, which was kitted out with all sorts of additional extras that added some of the rich luxury that Graceland is famed for. He had air-conditioning, electric windows, a microphone and even a car phone, an expensive novelty in those days. However, the highly polished exterior of the car caused poultry issues one day, when a load of chickens attacked their own reflections! That’s not the only Elvis limo anecdote, however, he once bought an agency limousine driver his very own limousine so he could run his own business!

Game of Taking Selfies

The blockbuster epic Game of Thrones thrust a lot of its stars into the limelight: and the two British girls who played the antagonist Stark sisters were no different. But unlike their characters, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams are the very best of friends once the camera stops rolling, and shared a limo on the way to one of their very first Game of Throne events. They marked the occasion by taking loads of selfies and then jammed out to music until they reached their destination – talk about making the most of their first Hollywood moment!

Limo Proposal! 

And finally, a romantic limo tale. Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka were heading to an event some forty miles away from their accommodations. Neil talked about being very confused when the limo pulled over in a seemingly random spot – and unfortunately, his confusion didn’t immediately clear when David dropped to one knee and proposed to him! He did say yes, but felt that he had flubbed this important occasion and took the opportunity to counter propose a year later on Valentine’s Day!

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