6 Things You Need To Prepare Before Traveling With A Small Child

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If you are due to travel with a small child whether it’s your own or somebody else’s, you need to properly prepare. Failure to prepare can make traveling with a child extremely difficult, especially if they are very young and have never travelled long distances away from their home before. Not only do you need to think about their comfort, but also the comfort of those seated around you. It can be very annoying to have an unhappy child screaming in one’s ear during a flight, bus ride, or ferry trip.

This post will tell you how you can effectively prepare for traveling with a child so that your trip is as problem-free as possible:

Breastfeeding Carrier

If your baby breastfeeds, then you will need to bring an appropriate carrier for them. It’s unlikely that anybody sharing the plane with you will object to your breastfeeding, but planes can be very uncomfortable and awkward to breastfeed on. A specialized baby carrier for breastfeeding will make it easier for your child to feed, in addition to covering your chest. Turbulence is also sometimes experienced on aeroplanes, in which case a breastfeeding carrier will keep your baby fastened to your chest, so you don’t have to worry about dropping them or them spilling breast milk anywhere. If you feed your child using a formula, then a carrier is still necessary, for the sake of their comfort.

Warm Blankets

Aeroplanes, boats, and trains can all get very cold, depending upon when you are traveling, so make sure that you bring a blanket along for your child. Most young children do not deal with cold temperatures very well. If you expose them to them for long periods of time, then they could get sick. Similarly, if it is going to be very hot where you are traveling, then do not overdress your child and maybe consider bringing along a portable fan, so that you can fan them if they begin to overheat. Make sure that they are dressed appropriately.

Bring Food

If you will be traveling for a long period of time (i.e., several hours or more), then make sure that you bring food for your child if they are no longer breastfeeding. While most airlines, ships, and trains do have food carts, the food that’s sold in them is often unsuitable for children. Make sure that you bring your child’s normal food along with you. If they are old enough to eat sandwiches, then make them a filling packed lunch, but make sure that you include lots of fruit, so that they get their five-a-day. Don’t let your child’s ordinary schedule be thrown out of whack because of traveling.


The main reason that many children begin to cry and bother other people when they are travelling is that there aren’t any distractions on a boat or plane to keep them calm. It’s a good idea to bring some distractions along so that you don’t have to worry about your child making a scene. If your child is old enough to use electronic devices, then you could download their favourite show to the device and put it in front of them for them to watch every time that they freak out. Some airlines also have television screens built-in to seat headrests, which you can use.

Travel Insurance

Whenever you are travelling anywhere regardless of whether it’s with your children or alone, you need to make sure that you have travel insurance. A travel insurance policy will ensure that if there are any delays with your flight, problems, or any injuries sustained abroad, you are all financially covered. Travel insurance policies are usually very affordable and you only need to make a one-off payment. Depending upon where you live in the world, your government could already have paid for an insurance plan for you, like the United Kingdom’s EHIC card.

Stuffed Animal

Lastly, bring along your child’s stuffed animal or anything that makes them feel comfortable. Bringing along anything that makes your child feel more comfortable will make the trip a lot less stressful for them. It’s important to minimise your child’s stress levels as much as possible so that they don’t freak out on the plane and annoy others, and so that they are comfortable. Your child’s comfort should be one of your primary concerns. After returning from travelling, make sure that you thoroughly clean anything brought along on the plane, because planes are giant Petri dishes.

If you and your small child are traveling, then preparation is key. A failure to prepare could result in your child being made to feel very uncomfortable, which is never a good thing.  This post’s advice will most definitely make your next trip abroad with your little one more manageable and a whole lot less stressful, so give each point serious consideration.

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