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How Can You Eliminate Dust In Your Work Environment?

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Employers are generally aware of the benefits of maintaining a safe and healthy workplace: reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, less turnover, and improved employee morale. Unfortunately, dust is one of the biggest threats to a safe work environment, and many employers contend with it daily. As per a 13-month study by American researchers, 4,800 surfaces in offices were officially dirty. Thankfully, there are numerous steps you can take to keep your workplace dust-free, including hiring Cleanroom Certification Services. Below are some effective tips for getting rid of dust in your work environment.


  • Design a dust-free work environment


A dust-free workplace begins with a design specifically built to eliminate or lower dirt exposure. This design should minimize or remove unused flat surfaces to ensure that dust has no place to accumulate. Therefore, consider implementing some popular dirt-combating design if your work environment is undergoing renovations or retrofitting. This way, you will control one of the biggest workplace hazards while reducing your staff’s time on housekeeping tasks.


  • Capture dust at its source


Dust is common in nearly all work environments, but some industries are more at risk than others. Indeed, sectors like construction, manufacturing, recycling, healthcare, and food processing generate significantly more dust than other industries. For these sectors, experts highly recommend dust capture at its source as one of the best ways to keep the work environment pollutant-free. For instance, you can install an industrial dust collector with hoods and downdraft tables to capture dust at the source. Similarly, a containerised blast room is worth investing in if your operations involve abrasive blasting. Dust capture at its source ensures that dirt doesn’t escape and settle on flat surfaces in your facility, controlling worker exposure. 


  • Bring out the vacuum


A reported 40-50 million vacuums are sold annually in America, and your office should undoubtedly invest in one to combat dust effectively. Vacuuming away dust is one of the best ways to get rid of the dust on any surface type. A vacuum cleaner works by sucking up particles and keeping them in a compartment that you can clean out later. You can vacuum your walls, ceilings, and other surfaces like furniture and fabrics in addition to your floors. It is best to invest in cordless vacuums since they are easy to move around and suitable for stress-free cleaning in small spaces. Also, remember to clean out your vacuum’s dust compartment and wash the brush attachment after every use to keep your unit clean.


  • Use a damp microfiber cloth when cleaning


Regular office cleaning is, without a doubt, a great way to keep your work environment dust-free. However, it is vital to use the right materials and tools to mitigate the problem instead of worsening it. For instance, many cleaning materials push dust around without eliminating it from surfaces. Consequently, it is crucial to use microfiber fabric designed for dusting when cleaning. Microfiber cloths trap dust and prevent particles from flying around to other surfaces while you clean. You can dampen these microfiber cloths with water to improve their performance on surfaces like walls and furniture. On the other hand, it is advisable to use dry microfiber cloths to eliminate loose dirt on laptops and other electronic devices. Then, clean these devices with a cloth slightly dampened with rubbing alcohol for a polished look.


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