How To Juggle Your Health and A Busy Work Schedule

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Whether your work calendar is at a bursting point or going through a rough patch, finding the time to prioritise your health or practice self-care can be challenging. Juggling daily responsibilities and work can make relaxation impossible; however, finding ways to look after yourself even when you are busy is crucial for your well-being and overall health. 

When you don’t do anything to combat it, stress can reap havoc on your daily life, causing several stress-related health issues like stomach issues, headaches, and mental health conditions. To prevent these debilitating issues, learning how to balance your health and a busy work schedule is more important than ever – keep reading for some of our top tips. 

Preventative Health Check-Ups 

Taking care of yourself physically and mentally is a significant first step when looking after your overall health. Yet, you cannot see everything underneath the surface, especially if you’re not displaying any physical symptoms. 

This is where preventative health check-ups are helpful, which consist of a range of medical and non-invasive tests to give you an overview of your current health. Sometimes your busy work schedule or the fear of health assessment prices can stop you from picking up the phone and scheduling an appointment. 

Yet you’ll be pleased to discover that providers like Echelon Health provide affordable and flexible services. Visit their website to browse their packages, health assessment prices, client testimonials and more. Or contact them directly to see how their affordable and flexible assessments could help you juggle your health around a busy work schedule today. 

Better Night’s Sleep 

Although the amount of sleep a person requires is debated, most studies suggest that an average adult needs around seven to nine hours of sleep per night to function correctly the following day. Failure to get the recommended amount of sleep per night can have debilitating effects on a person the next day, affecting your work schedule. 

Additionally, if you consistently fail to get the correct amount of sleep per night, it can lead to chronic health issues like depression, anxiety, heart disease, kidney disease and stroke. To prevent this, there are several ways that you can encourage a good night’s sleep, from avoiding caffeine a few hours before bedtime, putting your phone in another room, having a hot bath, and drinking herbal tea. 

Get Some Exercise 

If you have a back-to-back work calendar, we understand that you barely have enough time to sleep, let alone get some exercise. However, wherever possible, it is beneficial to squeeze in moderate physical activity each day to keep your body functioning as it should. 

Whether you press in thirty minutes at the gym, attend a short yoga class, or run around your neighborhood, exercise is a great way to reduce the stress accumulated throughout a workday. 

Even waking up an hour before you should and completing a short home workout before your morning shower can get the endorphins pumping around your body and put you in a more positive mindset for the day ahead.


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