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Indirect Marketing Ideas to Consider for Your Next Campaign

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As you begin to plan your next marketing campaign, it can be challenging to know where to put your focus. You could do so many different things for a marketing campaign, and all of them require time and planning. However, as we all know, time is something that never seems to be on our side. With the constant pressure from consumers and the need for businesses to stand out more than ever, marketers need to take a critical look at their strategies and see where they can make adjustments or additions to have a stronger campaign in the future. Let’s take a moment to explore some indirect marketing ideas that you might want to consider for your next marketing campaign.

Complimentary branded products with orders

One of the most common examples of indirect marketing is free branded merchandise as a marketing tool. It works best when the merchandise is something that can be easily associated with your business, like branded t-shirts, notebooks, stickers, drink bottles, or pens. Giving away promotional items gives customers access to products they might want and allows you to put your branding out there for the world to see. One of the best things about this type of marketing is that it doesn’t take much money to make it happen. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on television ads or billboards to get your message out to the world. Make sure you choose high-quality suppliers and research the Best Sticker Makers, for example, pens with branding and so on.

Packaging designs for social media sharing

Another indirect marketing method is through packaging designs that encourage social media sharing. This trend has been growing in recent years as more and more brands are looking to leverage the power of social media as a marketing tool. This idea is relatively simple. You put packaging on your products that encourage the customer to take a picture of the packaging and post it to one of their social media accounts. The best way to do this is to include something on the packaging design that calls out the customer, giving them a reason to take a picture and post about your product. 

User Generated Content

It’s no secret that consumers trust recommendations from other consumers over advertisements from businesses. This is why indirectly marketing through user-generated content is such a powerful idea. This type of marketing works best when you let your customers create content that features your products and/or services. This can include things like allowing customers to generate and post their product reviews on your website or letting them create social media posts that feature your company and products. 

Sponsorships deals

Another indirect marketing idea is to do sponsorship deals. This means that you find a company that is in line with your brand and products and offer to sponsor some element of their business. This could be as simple as sponsoring a blog post or a podcast episode. You could also contribute by becoming a sports team sponsor or a charity. You could even become a sponsor of an award show. What you are doing with this type of marketing is associating your brand with something your customers already care about. 


As you can see from this list, there are many indirect marketing ideas that you can use in your next campaign. It all depends on what types of campaigns you have done in the past and what marketing you want to try in the future. No matter which type of indirect marketing you choose, it is essential to ensure that it fits your brand and aligns with your company’s goals.


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