5 Benefits of Promotional Tote Bags

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The world in which we live today is fraught with complications and stress. Logistically speaking, things can get a little crazy sometimes. Customers are always looking for something new and exciting when it comes to patronizing businesses. Businesses can take advantage of that by providing something the customers desire, filling a need in the community, or providing goods/services that help others. One way to do that is to take an environmentally friendly approach to certain aspects of your business. You can do this by running things cleanly and investing in clean energy strategies. But you can also offer reusable tote bags to your customers. Whether you sell them, give them away, or include them as part of a promotion, they can be helpful for both your customers and getting the word out about your business. Here are five benefits of reusable tote bags for your customers and you.

Easier to Transport

Reusable tote bags are easier for your customers to transport than other types of bags. It’s just one of many reasons customers enjoy using reusable totes! Customers also love the utility and elegance of a nice reusable tote bag. Tote bags make carrying things (groceries, sundries, miscellaneous items) easier, too, so there’s a certain functionality to them that helps customers when they ship and during other social functions where a bag might be necessary. A nice reusable tote can be made from recycled materials, cotton, canvas, or other materials. Reusable totes help customers save money, but also help your business save on plastic bag waste disposal costs (which can add up quickly if you’re using a lot of them each week). Ultimately, reusable tote bags simplify everyone’s life and your customers will love them. 

More Durable

Let’s face the facts: plastic and paper bags for groceries (or sundries and other products) aren’t exactly the most durable objects. Both have a tendency to rip easily, spilling purchased goods all over the place. Offering something better to your customers can make them happier and give them a better way to carry their groceries. In order to be reusable, bags have to be made of high quality materials. Sustainable and durable materials like cotton are often used to make these bags. Bags can be reinforced to make them more durable and help them last a long time.

Better Branding Opportunities 

Sure, you can stamp your logo or company name on a plastic grocery bag, but wouldn’t you rather have more robust (and more effective) branding opportunities? Of course, you would—especially given the lower cost of doing it with reusable totes bags. Offering customers high quality promotional tote bags as part of your branding and marketing strategy can make them very happy while simultaneously giving you a little bit of exposure. Ultimately, reusable totes make great promotional items or giveaways, especially if they are customized with the recipient’s name or other personal information along with your brand logo/information.


The primary reason most people like reusable bags is due to their environmentally friendly nature. We need to make sure our environment remains sustainable and livable for not only ourselves, but also our children. This goes for everybody from business owners to customers. Customers tend to like reusable bags because they can help us achieve this goal. They’re an eco-friendly solution to the problem of non-sustainability and pollution. Plastic bags are not a great item. Sure, they seem useful, but they don’t biodegrade and they tend to stack up in landfills. That’s a big problem. One of the best ways to become more eco-friendly is to use reusable bags. Doing so will help reduce your carbon footprint, make the environment better, and give you something useful to use instead of a plastic bag when you need to transport groceries or other items. 

High Visibility
Reusable tote bags are a high visibility item, making them ideal for promotions, branding, and advertising a small business (especially if they contain the company logo and slogan). When customers walk around with those bags, they’ll be getting eyeballs on your logo. This can help you get more business and foot traffic over time (which makes it worth the cost of buying in bulk in the first place). obviously, it’s not going to replace a billboard or targeted advertising. It’s not even going to be as good as a social media campaign. But it can work in conjunction with a social media campaign, especially if you put your social media info or website info on the bag. Think about the visibility and the amount of people who will see that. A good website presence is the first step to creating meaningful conversions, so placing that information on your canvas bag can only help. Whatever you do, be sure to distribute your bags wisely and put the most important information about your brand on them to maximize their effect.

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