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5 Little Touches to Complete Your Luxurious Home

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Even after years of living in the same house, it can feel like the interior or exterior décor is not yet finished. There may be a cluttered space you haven’t sorted out or a blank wall you haven’t found time to fill with art. For most homeowners, their home is a continual work that evolves with them. However, some owners have learned to accept the process, while others are still looking for ways to improve their environment.

Remember, living in a comfortable or dream home is the best gift you can give yourself and has its perks. It could be the outdoor space, immaculate indoor arrangement or a spectacular view. However, if you are looking for simple ways to finish your dream home or want to add some touches to the current dwelling to complete the luxury look, you may want to look at the below designer tips.

You can start small with interior touches of things like luxurious perfume bottles and body oils. Add a small shelve on your wall or a corner and place a few of these bottles for elegance and make the room feel occupied.

Work on the blank walls

Even when you have all your décor and furniture figured out for many years, you will probably have some empty walls in parts of your home. Some homeowners have already selected a few prints or art but haven’t had the time to hang them. Create some time to complete those projects to add a luxurious touch to your home. You can get motivation from looming deadlines, like having friends over or hosting an event in your home.

If you have too many empty walls and few prints or arts, consider using alternative décor. Things like mirrors to bounce light around your home and floating shelves to display some of your accessories and must-haves like liquid soap can come in handy when you want to turn your home into an elegant space.

Add extra and various houseplants

Remember, adding a few real plants will help with air purification and bring life into your décor. Without even a single houseplant, your home can feel a bit stale. This technique of adding a luxurious touch to homes is not something new. Look at homes in magazines and you will notice most of them have at least 1 plant or flower. The main reason for having a flower or houseplant is to complete the home and add a luxurious touch.  Roses are still popular and great for your home. Fresh flowers however need more maintenance so additionally, you’d also want to know how often to water roses to keep your home feeling and smelling luxuriously fresh.  

You can also start with a hard-to-kill houseplant if you know nothing about a green thumb. Add houseplants that can grow at different heights, like a fern that elevates on the stand, towering fiddle leaf fig and pothos that move toward the ceiling for an extra luxury look or oomph. However, add fresh flowers for any special occasion to create the same effect without full commitment.

Beautify your Bookshelves

If you have a bookshelf that serves as an assortment of coffee table books, collectibles, paper checks and kids’ books, giving it a simple makeover can positively change the look of your home and, more specifically, the room. It is important to start by organizing your books by color. You don’t have to get a perfect ombre rainbow, but the arrangement based on colors can make your book display feel more deliberate.

If you have an extra space or room for shelves, try a horizontal stack of books to elevate a decorative object or bowl. Don’t forget to make the arrangement more personal and styled by mixing in vases, art or photos rather than haphazardly.

Create vignettes

You should think like a stylish. Therefore, look around your rooms and anticipate how you could arrange objects on coffee tables, a mantel, side tables or any other free or occupied surface. You can use different objects as vignettes, from vases, small table lamps, found objects, candlesticks, collectibles and plants to curated displays that speak to you personally and “tell a story.” The all-time best vignettes should have items you find special to your family to represent your life.

Make use of the space above

You probably have unused space near your ceiling. You will see great improvements when there is a suspended light fixture or a hanging plant. The home will feel more luxurious with these simple touches that only requires you to get a ladder and install them. Additionally, objects placed above eye level can add visual interest, making your eyes move freely around the room.

Also, you can add fine details to your home to look more luxurious. People will find your home more interesting when it is finished with finer details. Therefore, add touches like baseboards, crown molding and chair rails to increase the home value and elegance.

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