5 Patriotic Gift Ideas for Rugged Men

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Few things can beat the type of camaraderie you get when you’ve trained and sweated shoulder to shoulder through boot camp. You’ll end up with friends for life – men who are kindred spirits and who are there for you through good times and bad. When it’s time for a special occasion, choosing the right gifts to express your appreciation may be easier than you think. From low-budget items that will be treasured, to slightly costlier gifts to mark life’s milestones, you’ll find the right inspirations here!

1. Hats and Caps With Military Motifs

A peaked cap might sound like nothing particularly special, but when you make the right choices, your “ordinary” gift becomes something to treasure. It’s a useful gift for any man who loves spending time outdoors, so grab Marine Corps caps that show pride in his country’s armed forces. As a seasonal alternative, a warm, wooly cap that sports his allegiance will work just as well. 

2. Army Surplus Outdoor Gear

From clothing to first aid kits, you may be surprised to find that there’s a wide range of authentic military surplus items available for sale. If you get the real thing, you’re looking at some high-quality items that should come in handy in a wide range of situations. Multi tools are especially useful when contemplating long hiking or camping trips in the wilds, and there isn’t a man alive who doesn’t love a high-quality bit of outdoor kit. 

3. Military Memorabilia

The wars of yesteryear produced heroes that you and your friends still admire today. Shop around for military memorabilia with that special “something.” Antique stores may or may not have what you’re looking for, but a hunt online will produce more results than you’d ever have believed. If original memorabilia is hard to find, there are also many replicas available – ideal for stocking up a “man cave” with interesting conversation pieces that reflect your friend’s military leanings. 

4. Fly the Flag

The Stars and Stripes motif is everywhere to be seen, and no matter what you have in mind, you’re likely to find items that showcase your patriotism. Whether it’s a full-sized flag or just an unmistakably American coffee mug or T-shirt, going all-American in your gift themes could be a fun option for the long-term. He knows it’s flag-oriented, but what will it be this time? It’s up to you to keep the patriotic surprises coming. 

5. Give Him a Good Read

Everybody has to sit down and relax sometime, so giving your friend a good read could be a great gift idea. Presumably, you already know whether he’s a reader – not everyone is, and that’s OK. If he loves losing himself in a book, choose some bestselling military non-fiction for him to enjoy. American Sniper by Chris Kyle is very highly rated as is Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell

Keep Hunting and Support Veterans

Our top 5 misses some worthy contenders, particularly veteran-owned companies that are loud and proud in their support for the military, the country, and returning job-seekers adjusting to civilian life. Check out this list of veteran-owned coffee companies offering some very cool branding. That’s just a start. So don’t miss out on the curve-ball ideas in your deliberations. Patriotic gifts can be quite surprising!


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