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Building Business Credibility

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When you are building your business empire, you might not put building your company’s credibility high on the list of things you need to do when there are finances to consider and products to develop, but business credibility really is quite important.

Think about it: who is going to want to buy anything from a business that has no credibility? Most people do not want to risk losing their money on a product that is ineffective, or even worse, on a scam, so they need to be really sure that a company is on the level before they hand any of their hard-earned money over.

The good news is, there are lots of simple things you can do to start building business credibility right now, including the following:

Maintain a high level of consistency

One of the most powerful ways to build credibility with customers is to be consistent. What does this mean? It means that everything you say, in person and in written communications, and everything you do as a business should be consistent. You cannot say you are about one thing on one day and then say you are about another the next and expect anyone to take you seriously.

As well as being consistent in your message, you should try to ensure that the means of delivering the message is the same tool keep to a consistent tone whether that be serious, funny, playful, or something else entirely, and try to use the same fonts and color schemes too. This will establish you as a serious and reliable company that people can trust.

Focus on organic SEO traffic

Organic SEO traffic is the best kind of traffic you can have when you want to build credibility in your company. Why? Because when customers are able to find you of their own accord in a more natural way, they are more likely to trust you as a company.

There is nothing wrong with paid ads and things like that per se when you are marketing your new business, but anyone can pay for an ad and it does not mean they are a good company. If people can find you via links from other sources they trust and because you create great content that answers their questions, well they are far more likely to take you seriously as a credible business they would be happy to give their custom to.

Encourage word-of-mouth

One of the best ways to build business credibility fast is to encourage any existing customers to sing your praises. People are far more likely to trust someone they know when they recommend a product than they are to simply take your word for it that you can deliver, which is why word-of-mouth marketing often sees such good results.

How do you encourage customers to refer you to friends and family? Offering them discount codes for doing so is an easy way as is entering them into prize draws and raffles or letting them earn commission on every purchase they send your way.

Do what you say you will

Doing whatever you say you will is an excellent way to build credibility fast. So many companies bite off more than they can chew because they want to impress the customers, and are unable to deliver, and when that happens, their credibility plunges. If you are always straight with your customers and you keep all your promises, it is, then, an easy win for you.

 Of course, things do go wrong occasionally but as long as these instances are rare and you work hard to rectify them quickly, you should be able to keep any goodwill you have built up.

Enter industry awards

Many new business owners are too modest or too scared to enter themselves for industry awards because they have not been around long and they feel like they will be out of place or have no chance of winning but many small companies do win awards all of the time, and having an industry award is a huge sign of credibility in just about any sector you can think of, so don’t be shy and enter because you never know!

It is unusual for a business to be able to build instant credibility and it is usually only larger companies with lots of money to play with who can do that, but if you implement as many of the suggestions above as you possibly can, then it will take you a lot less time than your competitors who might not be thinking much about their company’s credibility at all.

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