Home Stuck On The Market? Try These Top Tips

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If you have been trying unsuccessfully to sell your home then there may be something wrong with the way your home is coming across. Get some professional opinions and gain some feedback from the potential buyers that come to look around. You can only improve if they give you constructive criticism. Take a look below to find out how to make your home look even better to future buyers. 

Wrong Realtor

It may be a case that you are using the wrong realtor to sell your home. It isn’t as easy as it seems and if you have chosen an unreliable one then you may find your home stuck on the market. This can happen if the realtor is just taking your money rather than trying to shift your home. They have to put the work in as well if you want to sell your home for a great price. You could search for someone else to sell your home, CavaBuys for instance would be a pretty good choice. 

Clear Out Your Home

Something else that could be preventing your home from selling is the state of the interior. If buyers are looking for a home with ample storage and you have a lot of clutter laying around then they aren’t going to see the benefits of owning your home. You need to make it look as depersonalized as possible, clear out your things, and show off the storage. A great way to declutter if you are unsure is to go room by room and sort your things into piles. These piles should consist of the items you want to keep, throw away, donate, and sell. Donating your unwanted items is a great way to give back to the community and help those in need. 

Show Its Clean

You need to make sure your home is clean and well presented when you open it up to potential buyers. Look at it this way, would you buy a home that was dirty and untidy when you went to view it? If the answer is no, then why would you expect other people to buy your home if you haven’t been looking after it? It may seem like a tricky, impossible task to clean your home but it isn’t that hard. Pick a room and start there, you don’t have to look at it as one big job. 


If your home appears to need a lot of repairs then buyers may assume that your property is a fixer-upper. This can put them off instantly as they want a move-in-ready home. It may help you to carry out a pre-sale survey on your property, this will highlight any building work and repairs that need to be done. You will need to do this when you sell your home anyway, so there is no harm in doing it beforehand. 

Work On The Garden 

One final thing to mention is how does your garden look? This is an easy one to judge and you could ask your friends and family for opinions as well. Stand in your garden and see if you can spot anything wrong with it. It may sound silly but if your garden is overgrown then people won’t want to buy your home. A simple mowing of the grass and eradicating the weeds will make it look instantly better and more appealing. 


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