Must-Buy Items in Australia for Travellers and New Residents

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Famous for its diversity, scenic beauty, and rich history, Australia is among the most exciting places to travel and explore. While spending time in this enthralling region may seem less, returning home with a couple of unique souvenirs to remember the trip is paramount.

Fortunately, you can purchase scores of fantastic products in this spectacular region. For instance, Australia offers endless choices when it comes to sought-after products like jewelry or mens watches. You can simply search online for “mens watches Australia” and find many options in premium, sports, fitness, digital and analog range. Secondly, one can shop many other fabulous, unique items like chocolates and ointments.

So, refer to the following list of exciting products to buy when you move to Australia or visit as a tourist. It will be among the best purchases you have ever made.

Opal jewelry and Ugg boots

Not many people know that opal is the stunning national gemstone of Australia, gracing the must-have list of women. You can buy rings, lockets, earrings, and other fancy items incorporating the shimmering stone from reputable Australian stores. Even the transport card in Sydney, NSW, is called the Opal Card, proving the stone’s popularity.

Similarly, another item endemic to the region is a pair of Ugg boots, made of sheepskin and initially manufactured in Sydney. Nowadays, you can buy them in Melbourne; which is sold throughout the country and internationally. The boots typically have tanned leather on the outside and fleece on the inside, suitable for all.

Didgeridoo and Tea Tree oil

The now-world-famous didgeridoo is historically an Aboriginal breeze musical instrument incorporating a wax mouthpiece on a long wooden pipe. Akin to a trumpet, the wind instrument can be as long as ten feet or less and is among the most native Australian things to possess.

Many Australians own one of these instruments as a home decor item, while plenty of others play it from time to time during family celebrations. An authentic model can cost between $99 and $190, depending on the design, features, and other specifications.

Also, Australian tea tree oil has recently taken the world by storm due to its excellent antibacterial properties. It can boost skin health by helping treat acne, insect bites, nail fungus, and lice. Several trusted suppliers sell the product in bulk at affordable prices, making it easy for the locals to stock up regularly.


You can buy some of the most spectacular mens watches Australia offers by simply logging onto reliable online retail stores that sell them at affordable prices. Reputable ones sell branded models, such as GMS5600BR-5D (G-Shock)at less than $500, enabling you to avail of the best quality products at reasonable costs.

However, there are economical watches under $300 too. These Australian shopping sites will also allow you to modify searches based on metal type, design, features, price, brand, and other pivotal criteria, helping you narrow the choices to the best few.

Some websites may have informative blogs on watch designs and latest models and list products and accessories for women. So, research for respected industry experts that provide high-quality products and options like Afterpay on your orders, free shipping, free returns within a stipulated time, and a product warranty.


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