The Big Daddy Celebrity Golf Classic and SHER Luncheon takes Oheka Castle

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Creating a legacy is a powerful way to make a difference. In association with this years Big Daddy Celebrity Golf Classic, the SHER Luncheon was a special day of women revealing the pivotal moments in their lives. By overcoming obstacles, and drawing in the assembled women through deeply emotional experiences, they told of mastering their vulnerabilities through stories, finding support and growing stronger together. Light spread throughout the room, despite the inclement weather.
SHER’s 2nd annual women’s empowerment luncheon featured notable speakers including two-time FIFA Women’s World Cup champion and gold-medalist Brandy Chastain, award-winning CNN/NBC journalist/Olympic host Carolyn Manno, global entrepreneur and Priceline / Ubid founder Jeff Hoffman, who merged their stories into building bridges inspiring women
while supporting the great things SHER is accomplishing.
We also learned details about the anticipated SHER initiative from founder Anzhelika Steen Olsen. “When I started SHER , I had no idea It would be such an exhilarating ride, with highs, lows and everything in-betweens. Despite being rather difficult, I’ve found the experience to be one of the best decisions of my life. I have had the honor of collaborating with some of the most humble, noteworthy, ethical and hardworking women and men one could ever meet. We shared and treasured the best of times and have grown in ways I would never have imagined. You don’t walk on such monumental and life changing journeys alone.”
With the recent the acceleration of interest in SHER’s message this past year, coupled with the monumental growth from business, arts and entertainment personalities who have come to join the movement, great things are in store for their upcoming winter event. Not just due to the thaw after Covid, but also the response to war in Ukraine, SHER co-created in the U-For-Ukraine concert, featuring A-list celebrity support in sponsoring almost 2,000 orphans escaping war. The fundraising concerts were  launched earlier this year at the World Economic Forum in Davos.
Now Anzhelika, in a cause near to her heart, created a groundswell behind an idea and motivated lawmakers to pass a bill and public programs of awareness in aid of preventing rip current deaths on New York shores that take the lives of over 80 beachgoers yearly, more than any other threat.
After meeting with mother Josephine DeMoura, she convinced legislator Josh Laforzan to introduce the statute, and suggested a remembrance of her daughter in the naming of Alexandra’s Law. The luncheon continued in its tradition of having extraordinary speakers share there experiences in life, strife and success by featuring a talk by Miss New York XXX XXX spoke about overcoming the loss of her remarkable friend Miss USA, who was hiding in plain sight with depression that caused her to take her own life; and how each of us may have close associates and friends in jeopardy and not even be aware of their struggles. Standout journalist Carolyn Manno shared her writings of finding “our middle bottom” — how we may accomplished plateaus in a long path of success, and how to discover and execute a strategy for growth. We also heard from serial entrepreneur and outstanding philanthropist Jeff Hoffman, who engaged the crowd with stories of the how the women middle and eastern countries have strived for recovery, education and commerce and his chance to raise others up by using their example in western culture to return to their lives to benefit after complicated set backs. Interspersed with musical performances and a fine meal, everyone  present reflected how meaningful and valuable the event was, and expressed to the group how they could not be more impressed with the event and how many didn’t realize the deep need for this type of group before enjoying the extremely cathartic afternoon. Along with the majority, we will be eagerly looking forward to the next SHER event.

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