Unprecedented response to the Koenigsegg CC850

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We are happy to announce that the CC850 sold out in record time after last week’s reveal in Monterey, California. The appreciation and love for the CC850 went far beyond our wildest expectations.

It quickly became evident that the planned number of 50 cars was too limited, as this meant that not even the most loyal of Koenigsegg owners could all get their desired share of CC850s, while hopeful new owners would also not be able to obtain one.

Given this, we asked several long-term clients who were early on signing up for the CC850 for their view on a limited raise in numbers to better meet the appetite. Their responses were positive.

Now, the total number of CC850s will be 50 plus a further 20. 50 to celebrate Christian’s birthday, and 20 to celebrate 20 years of production.

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