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Pogonophile: one who loves or studies beards. In other words, a very technical-sounding word that represents how a whole lot of people feel! Beards have always been a part of the human experience. They grow on their own, after all. Whether you love or hate them, you still have to deal with them as either a beard owner or beard observer.

While a beard is handy for protecting skin from sun damage and cold, most beard brandishers are motivated more by appearance than practicality. The modern beard trend started around 2005 and has been going on strong since then. For those baffled by the obsession, consider that grooming and hygiene are linked to improved mental health outcomes. Plus, studies show that women generally prefer a bearded dude to a clean-shaven face.

All those perks aside, no two faces are the same, so no two beards are the same, either. Some clothes work better on some guys than others… some hairstyles work better on some guys than others. So it is with beards. The last thing you want is to grow out that magnificent face fuzz only to experience beard backfire. So before you pick up that beard shampoo and straight razor, let’s look at common face types and the beards that love them.

Growing Into It

Before getting too excited about picking the right beard for your face, it’s good to get a sense of what you’re working with. If you can’t grow a huge, bushy beard, you should probably not get your heart set on doing so.

Grow that bad boy out for at least a full month. How dense is it? What kind of texture does it have? Is it patchy or full? Are there products that can help you get the beard you want? Start with realistic expectations and take it from there. You might surprise yourself down the road!

Facing up to It

Knowing the shape of your own face seems like a no-brainer. But odds are that you haven’t had to pay that much attention to it before. There are seven basic face shapes to pay attention to. You can bust out a tape measure if you want to get hardcore with it, or you can eyeball it.


With both round and square features, you have what’s probably considered the most versatile face. Clean lines on the cheeks, squared at the jaw, short on the sides, and cut underneath can be very flattering on an oval face.


A long, pointy, or triangular beard will just make your face seem all the longer. Go for fuller cheeks to give the impression of a wider jaw, drawing attention away from the length of your face.


Or, specifically, pyramidal, where your jaw is broader than your other facial features. Sideburns work well, as does a mustache and short beard or stubble. This will bring attention higher up the face, making your jawline seem less prominent.


A big, bushy beard on a round face just makes your face look even rounder. A beard that is longer towards the chin and shorter on the cheeks will give you some much-needed definition.


The opposite of triangular, this is where you have a weaker chin. A big beard sounds tempting but can easily overpower the rest of your face. Some stubble on your cheeks and a bit more volume in your chin and mustache can balance this out.


A square jaw sounds like a dream come true for a lot of guys, but it can be a difficult fit for a beard. Avoid angles at all costs, and go for rounded or triangular growth on the chin to lengthen the face.


Wide cheekbones and a narrow forehead and jaw are typical in a diamond-shaped face. Grow it out on the cheeks and jawline and go easy on the mustache.

What’s in a Name?

Like many of us, you probably saw an awesome beard on a movie or video game and said to yourself, “That’s what I want!” After some nominal Googling, you probably found the exact name of that beard. You run down to the barber shop with your newfound knowledge… only to find that they have no idea what you’re talking about.

Now, you’re not wrong to be excited, and it’s great to have a name for the thing you want. Just realize that what’s popular on the internet may not translate to what a stylist knows off the top of their head. Niche knowledge on the internet may not reflect professional knowledge in the real world. So, don’t get yourself worked up over it or think your barber isn’t on top of things. Maybe bring a picture with you, and listen to their advice on if it’s a great fit for your face.

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