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Gift Ideas for Cocktail Lovers

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Choosing gifts for friends can sometimes be challenging. When you know that your friend is a cocktail lover, you might think about choosing something that has to do with their favorite hobby. Whether it is fine drinks, fancy equipment for cocktail making, or carefully curated gourmet gifts, there are so many things to choose from. You can always find the right one for the occasion and budget. This post features the best gift ideas for cocktail lovers, so make sure to go through them all!

Large cocktail shaker

Party lovers would appreciate a large cocktail shaker so that they can prepare unique masterpieces for a crowd. A large version of the traditional tool can help them prepare up to ten drinks at the same time. In addition, watching them handle a large shaker is interesting. 

Gift basket

A friend that loves cocktails will want to try new things. Therefore, a select mix of fine spirits and nuts would make the ideal gift. You might want to let them taste foreign brands and fine drinks. Sites like Drinkable Gifts deliver curated gifts worldwide, so you can surprise a friend even if they are miles apart. 

Bar sign

A bar sign or any other wall art connected with cocktails is an ideal gift for the ones who also love home decor. But also it will make a good gift for a friend that has a home bar and enjoys entertaining at home. A cute sign that displays a fun message would be the ideal pick for them.

Indoor herb garden

If your friend has a green thumb and loves cocktails at the same time, there is no better gift than an indoor herb garden. A terrarium with herbs such as mint, thyme, and basil, would provide them with fresh cocktail ingredients at any time. With this, cocktail lovers can always make a fine drink in the comfort of their own homes.

Quality cocktail glasses

Cocktail lovers know that serving the cocktail in a proper glass is crucial. The shape and thickness of the glass will bring out the flavor and keep the drink at an optimal temperature. Therefore, a set of quality cocktail glasses would always be welcomed. Balloon glasses are some of the commonly used types for cocktails. However, you should always consider your friend’s preferences and get a glass set that suits them. You can even go a step forward and get personalized engraved glasses to mark a special event. 

LED shelf

A LED shelf is ideal for a friend with an important drink collection who wants to show it off. The simple floating shelf features built-in LED lighting to emphasize the collection. The glowing light will highlight the bottles’ contours, adding visual interest to a home bar.

Liquor dispenser

Every cocktail liver could use fancy bar equipment. A drink dispenser can hold a couple of bottles, making it easy to prepare a cocktail.

Citrus press

Whether a margarita or a Collins, fresh lemon juice is an ingredient in many cocktails. A citrus press will provide freshly squeezed lemon juice without much effort. Therefore it is a stool worth adding to their collection.

Whiskey stones

Enjoying a glass of whiskey is a whole experience. However, we don’t like the ice melting and diluting the fine drink. Get a set of whiskey stones to keep your whiskey chilled but prevent diluting. In fact, they can be used for any drink. All they need to do is pop them in the freezer and add them to the glass. The stone will chill the drink without diluting it as ice does.

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