How To Add A Little Extra To Your Wardrobe

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When you look in your closet, what do you see? Are you happy, mostly satisfied, or ready for something new and exciting? Instead of going on a huge shopping spree (which you may thoroughly enjoy), you can simply add a handful of beautiful items and statement pieces to your wardrobe to make you stand out amongst the crowd.


The perfect pair of earrings can make a look. Wear your hair in a chic chignon so your tresses cannot hide your classic new studs or simple and stylish pair of hoops. To find inspiration along with a full shopping cart of jewelry, go to JCunicorn for a wide array of classy and trendy picks.

Pairing a cuff bracelet with a French knot button-down for work will instantly add panache. A dangly Moonstone bracelet resting at the sleeve of a peasant blouse will flow perfectly. Whatever your personal and professional style, a bracelet will finish the outfit well.

Now for the rings. They make more than a statement. Others will gaze upon your rings as you wave hello or goodbye. Brushing the hair from your eyes will offer them a glimpse of personality wrapped up in a small band around your finger. Choose one ring or multiples to stack or wear on different fingers.


A designer bag is the ultimate arm candy. Opt for one that holds everything throughout a busy day, and always choose quality over quantity. You can work in a standard color such as cognac brown or a supple black to go with everything in your closet yet stand out with its sleek lines. Or work in a bright yellow-brown or possibly a notice-me red into the rotation.

Perhaps you should invest in a couple of different bags or purses to coordinate with various items in your wardrobe. A small envelope clasp purse will work perfectly for a business meeting with a well-cut suit and stilettos. It works just as well with high-quality joggers, a matching sweatshirt, and a structured blazer with white sneakers.


A scarf can be the ultimate in understated elegance and style. It will add that zhush you are looking for. Layer it over sleek black cigarette pants, kitten heels, and a boatneck sweater. 

Use your scarf as an accessory for your bag, wrapped around your wrist for a casual organic bracelet, or as a belt to add texture to chinos and a crisp white collared shirt.

Or use it as it was intended, as a stylish scarf to be worn in so many ways. Watch this video for inspiration on how to wear a scarf in several different variations.

After you have added a few new items to your sartorial repertoire, give yourself some “me time.” Go ahead and refresh your look with a new haircut, skincare regimen, and whatever else will make you feel good about yourself. Next, play with all of the fun new things you have to enhance your wardrobe. You will love your updated pieces and all the creative ways you can style your look each morning. Have fun with it!

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