What Is Cyber Essentials Plus?

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Cyber Essentials Plus is an extension of the Cyber Essentials scheme, a government-backed initiative to help organizations protect themselves against the most common cyber attacks. Keep reading to find out what Cyber Essentials Plus is, what benefits it can bring and how to get started.

What is cyber essentials plus?

So, what is cyber essentials plus? Cyber Essentials Plus is a certification offered to businesses of all sizes. The certification focuses on five core areas: boundary security, vulnerability management, malware protection, patch management, and incident response. Certified organizations have demonstrated that they have implemented best practices in these areas and can protect their systems from common cyber threats. Organizations that should consider becoming certified include those that deal with sensitive or confidential data, such as healthcare providers and financial institutions.

Certification can also benefit smaller businesses that may not have the resources to implement robust cybersecurity measures on their own. Organizations certified under Cyber Essentials Plus are eligible for discounted rates on cyber insurance premiums from some of the largest insurers in the UK. The program is also recognized by the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) as an acceptable standard for protecting classified information up to NATO Secret level.

What are the benefits of cyber essentials plus?


The benefits of cyber essentials plus are vast. The most obvious benefit is that it significantly increases your organization’s security posture. With cyber essentials plus, you can protect your organization against a broader range of cyber threats. Cyber essentials plus also helps you to manage your risk. Additionally, it assists you in complying with relevant regulations and standards, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Last but not least, cyber essentials plus can help you to improve your organization’s efficiency and resilience. By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities early, you can help to prevent disruptions to your business operations. Additionally, the certification can help you to improve your organization’s incident response capability so that you are better prepared to deal with a cyber incident if one does occur.

How do you set up cyber essentials plus?

Setting up Cyber Essentials Plus is an essential step in protecting your business from cyber threats. By following the steps below, you can ensure that your business takes the necessary precautions to keep your data and systems safe. The first step in setting up Cyber Essentials Plus is to familiarize yourself with the scheme. The scheme sets out the basic requirements for cyber security, and by following these requirements, your business can be accredited as being Cyber Essentials Plus compliant.

The next step is to assess your cyber security risks. You need to identify what could potentially harm your business if it were to be attacked. This could include losing customer data and money or taking your systems offline. Once you have identified your risks, you need to address them. This could involve implementing security measures like firewalls and antivirus software or training your staff on how to stay safe online.

Once you have addressed your risks, you can apply for accreditation. This can be done through the Cyber Essentials Plus scheme website. Once your business is accredited, you can display the Cyber Essentials Plus logo and show your customers that you take cyber security seriously. The certification is valid for five years, and organizations must renew it to maintain accreditation.

To achieve Cyber Essentials Plus certification, an organization must complete a self-assessment questionnaire and submit it to an accredited assessor. The assessor will review the questionnaire and determine whether the organization has met the requirements for certification. The organization will be awarded Cyber Essentials Plus certification if it meets all requirements.

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